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5 easy tips to choose a pillow to help you prevent neck pain

The neck pain is usually a very common problem these days, with so much time spent sitting and watching the cell is not surprising. While there is discomfort disappears in a few days, you can also worsen unless we take appropriate action.

And it is that according to Andrew Bang, chiropractor of the Cleveland Clinic, sleep on your back with your head tilted forward and take other strange postures or may not have a pillow that keeps your neck parallel to the mattress can worsen the problem.

Are you suffering from this problem or want to avoid it?

Here we share some tips to help you choose a pillow to help you prevent neck pain.

1. Choose a pillow that suits

Cervical pillows and latex foam work very well to prevent this pain. Your head rests in a depression in the middle and neck rests on a lower side when you are lying on your back or one higher when you are aside.

2. Avoid pillows

This type of pillows do not provide stability to the neck. Bang says that although feel very comfortable, pens every move as you do, so can cause you pain or increase it. In addition, if you are allergic to animal hair, they should not be your choice.

tips to choose a pillow to help prevent neck pain
Tips to choose a pillow to help prevent neck pain.

3. And side body pillows can help

If you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach, which is not recommended, have body pillows and side can improve your posture. They provide pressure in the stomach, while keeping you in a lateral decubitus position (which is good for the neck).

4. Check the volume of the pillow

Overstuffed pillows or have very little can keep your neck in an awkward position while you sleep and damage. This also applies to those with mixed fillers, for example which are comminuted foam and gel, as they have little stability.

5. Consider the firmness or softness of the mattress

If you have a firm mattress, you’ll need a thicker pillow, because your shoulder is not much sink and it has to fill a larger between your head and the mattress space. If your soft mattress, your pillow should be thin, because the requirement is quite the opposite.

Although each pillow has pros and cons, choose one that will support your neck will help you avoid pain and sleep soundly. So it’s good to take it into account.

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