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Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Sports Elite Freedom portable tennis ball machine is a great combo pack of bold features, design, and durability.  All the beginner and advanced player can find this machine useful to improve their playing skills through the machine.

This review article will show all the details about this tennis ball machine including its features, at a glance, positive and negative aspects and the feedback of customers. In here all the key info is taken from the Amazon website.

All the Major Features of Lobster Sports Elite Freedom

We are going to give all the details about major features like speed, spin control, weight, and working technique about the Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine. Let’s know what Lobster Sports Inc brings new on this surprising small machine.

Oscillation & Speed Range

The speed range of Lobster Sports Elite Freedom starts from 10 to 70 mph with random horizontal oscillation. Normally a beginner player can deal with 10 to up to 30 mph very well where medium or intermediate player will comfortable with 40 to 60 mph. More than 70 or 80 mph sometimes bit even challenging for an advanced level of players. In that case, all the speed range and corner to corner sweep cut feature are good enough and pretty challenging for all type of tennis players.

Easy To Move Anywhere

The Lobster Sports Elite Freedom is very easy to move off a store anywhere. Because it’s ergonomic design is capable to transferring it anywhere. Also, it weight is just only 35 pound or 15.8 kgs. Also, it includes with oversize wheels and a handle so that you can easily move it anywhere. Even it full with all of its 150 balls in the hopper.

Reachable Battery Operated Machine

Like other tennis ball machine of Lobster Elite Freedom also comes with rechargeable battery options. You can play tennis anywhere like tennis court, camp site, picnic site or even the parking areas for 2 to 4 hrs, once the battery is full charged. The chagrining of the battery is taking a bit time but when it charged you will get flawless performance to the machine.

Max Warranty Services

Normally Lobster tennis ball machines are long durable and provide good services as they promised. But if you face any complications with your machine the company will provide you 2 years of service warranty whenever you need. That means you will get professional help if any problem occurs with paying any bill or waste of time.

Elevation & Feed Rate

Lobsters Sports Elite Freedom can fire balls in 0 to 50-degree angle. In that case, other tennis ball machine offers only 30-degree angles usually. Also, this machine can feed the ball within 2 to 10 seconds. This rate can be compared with any other advanced level of tennis ball machine which is created for an advanced level of players. The event this rate of feed is quite challenging for them, so you have full freedom to adjust the feeding rate and play as like you want.

At a Glance of Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine

  • Charge can last for 2 to 4 hrs
  • Suitable for playing anywhere you want
  • Very light in weight
  • Ball speed ranges 10 to 70 mph
  • Oscillation random horizontal
  • Elevation angles 0 to 50 degree
  • 2 years of company service warranty
  • Ball capacity 150
  • Easy to transport anywhere
  • Very cheap in price compared than any other this kind of machine
  • Comes with basic charges and other optional accessories like fast and premium charger, cover and external battery pack etc.

Customer’s Feedback about the Lobster Sports Elite Freedom

Lobster Sports Elite Freedom gets lots of positive and negative feedback from its users and we have selected some few of them here. So, let’s see what all was that.

Our first feedback from Dalibor who said, “I think it is one of the top machines I have used and also the customer service of the company was quite impressive. I happy with purchase.”

The second opinion was from Deon Robinson. He said, “This machine works great form till now from the first time and really pleased to having this.”

There are some opposite comments too. Like Mr. Zach Martine who said, “This machine is good, easy to charge but the highest speed of the machine gives too much load to the machine sometimes.”

Positive Aspects

  • This machine will help you to improve tennis playing skills.
  • Easy to use and move anywhere
  • Smart, ergonomic and long durable
  • Maximum ball capacity
  • Runs for a long time
  • Competitive price.

Negative Aspects

  • Battery charges are littlie slow
  • Feed control is bit defective
  • Difficult to use

Final Verdict

This machine will great for all the beginners and intermediate level of players. It’s durable, manageable, easy to use and can transport without any hassle. Moreover, this machine can give the complete performance as they needed. Lobster Sports Elite Freedom portable tennis ball machine can be a great choice who wants to get all the high-quality features in minimum rate.

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