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Bed wedge benefits, its uses and buying guide to get best bed wedge

Having a sound sleep in the night! Is what we all crave for, knowing that still most of us fail to achieve that, may be due to our daily stresses, anxiety, workload or due to a medical condition. That’s why bed wedges are becoming very popular nowadays; people buy them to make life comfortable while they sleep. Sleep is something which doesn’t differentiate between the rich and the poor. A daily wager may have no sleeping problem. On the other hand, a businessman may struggle to get even one hour of sound sleep.

What is a bed wedge?

What is a bed wedgeIt is a triangular shaped product which usually comes in the form of foam or a wedge shaped pillow. It is made of sturdy material and used to provide support and comfort to those, who suffer from a sleep disorder, or those who just can’t get proper sleep. You can easily install it on your couch or bed. When you are using a bed wedge, you need to just understand the parts that need to be elevated. For instance, if your knees are paining badly because you ran for an hour earlier in the day, you can elevate it by just placing bed wedges just under your knee rolls to relieve yourself from pain at night.

And after some time, you will notice that your pain has disappeared. But if you haven’t used it than your knee pain may have lingered-on for some days (affecting your daily routine badly). A Bed wedge is also a great option for athletics (the beginners or the amateurs).

Why you need to buy a bed wedge

Why you need to buy a bed wedgeSleeping disorder

You have sleeping disorder at night. Snoring and mild sleep apnea are two most common sleep disorders which abstain many from having adequate sleep, this is because there is some obstruction in the airflow and this happens when you are in a habit of sleeping in wrong positions. For these folks using a bed wedge is the best option as it prevents air blockage and open airway for proper airflow. Thus, you can overcome your old problem of snoring.

Heartburn problem

Acid reflux is a condition which occurs usually at night time, in this the gastric juices from the stomach flow back into the esophagus, and under this condition you feel intense pain in your chest and heart burning sensation. And sometimes, if the pain is very served it feels like a mild heart attack. If you suffer from acid reflux frequently, then you must, you use a bed reflux wedge, as a bed wedge will keep your upper part of the body in an elevated and prevents the gastric juices to flow back into the esophagus and also aids the body digestion process.

Hiatal hernia

It can be very painful to sleep on a flat surface and firm mattress for those, whose are suffering from a Hiatal hernia, for them a bed wedge is a good way to relieve them from that itching and irritating pain.

Physical condition

Doctors recommend their patients to use a bed wedge for some days after a surgery. Using a foam wedge will lead to swift and fast recovery from pain. And, even after you are healed and fit, you will find it hard to sleep without it.

Being comfortable

You can use a bed wedge while reading a book, watching television, sitting on your couch to support and comfort of your bad back.

A bed wedge will help you with all these problems, by allowing the body to relax in an inclined and raised position.

Things to consider before buying a bed wedge

The length of the bed wedge

The length of a bed wedge totally depends upon your height. The standard length of a bed wedge is 25- 30 inches, and bed wedges smaller than this will probably not satisfy your needs. You can also consult the sales person at any bed wedges outlet as he (or she) can help you to decide the length which is the best fit for you.

The height and width of the bed wedge

Again, the height and width of your ideal bed wedge depend upon your physical credentials and needs. The standard width of a bed wedge is 7mm and height 24mm, and if you’re using a bed wedge that is too high or too wide, then it will not serve its purpose wholly.

The material of the bed wedge

Today, bed wedges and wedge pillows are available in numerous varieties and quality therefore it is important to know which material and density will suit you. For that search online or consult your family doctor, if you have some previous injury.

The price of the bed wedge

It is true known fact that we can’t buy all the things we like. Moreover, in some cases spending the extra money is not a great idea. Check for the price, a bed wedge is a good investment and so, neither buy too cheap or too expensive bed wedge. Buy something that fits your pocket and more importantly your purpose.

Benefits of bed wedge pillow

Most of the wedge foam pillows have the potential to make your life at ease when you sleep at night in comparison to ordinary and traditional pillows. A wedge foam pillow prevents your neck from getting strained at night. These products are designed with proper curves to support most parts of the human body to make them feel comfortable.

You can purchase wedge foam pillows through online stores listed on the internet as they offer amazing deals and discounts.

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Final words of advice

If you are suffering from one of a number of different mental or physical conditions that hinders your sleep, then a bed wedge may really benefit you. Getting adequate sleep at night happens to one of the best things in the world for every human being (of all ages) because if you are not getting proper 6 to 8 hours of daily sleep, your next day’s activities are sure to suffer, and if you are a businessman or a salaried worker than it can become more serve.

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