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Do you want to write for us? Thank you for your interest in write for us an article to world’s best health research and health news website. OurHealthOurLife.Com wants to be furnished with writing his readers and fans.

OurHealthOurLife.Com wants to create an open platform for your thinking, creativity, knowledge and interested subjects.

We are especially interested in articles from personal trainers, fitness experts, doctors, researchers, and health care professionals, as well as knowledgeable and skilled enthusiastic bloggers.

Why write for us?

Now a days, SEO is very difficult. High quality backlink is key to success for SEO. You can get a high quality backlink in per article which is improve your websites’ traffic and Page Rank authority.

Share your knowledge to us and we share it all over the world.

If you are a professional person (such as personal trainer, fitness expert, doctor, researcher, and health care professional), send us your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ profile link on massage box. We will publish your Identity with your article.

As for example:

This information has been compiled from the reflections of the following specialist:

Dr. Dave Greason (Health adviser at Our Health Our Life, Los Angeles, California, United States)

Phone:+1 323-444-9333


This information has been compiled from the reflections of the following specialists:

Dr. Augusto Anguita (Internal medicine, Quinton Hospital)

Dr. Miguel Beltran (Dentistry and orthodontics, Quinton Hospital)

Terms and conditions:

  1. The article must be unique, up-to-date informative and no grammatical mistake.
  2. The article must be written with English language, reading quality is easy to understand and good decorated.
  3. We do not allow DUPLICATE content. If submitted article has been previously published at another site or your own blog and plagiarized from another website, we won’t publish your article.
  4. Article length should be at least 1000 words.
  5. You need to upload copyright free relevant images in Google Drive and add the public link in the article.
  6. You can include only one link and one high authority link per article. Backlink will be nofollow by default. But if you want to get dofollow backlink, you must pay $40 USDNote: If you write an well researched, most informative and 2200+ word article that our moderators think your article is most valuable to our readers, then you can get a dofollow backlink for free.
  7. Article will be written fixed topics, those are Health care, Mother and child care, Fitness, Weight loss, Gain weight, Skin care, Disease, Diet and nutrition, Traveler’s health, Running and more about health.
  8. Article send in doc or docx file in the contact form. Or If you want to contribute and your article is standard, your writing will be published on our site. Please, Register Here. And also click here to post your article. Our moderators are check your article manually.
  9. You can not urge or pressure to publish your article. You need to wait for two weeks after written submissions. If we did not published your article at this time, you can understand that was not nominated.

So, why the delay? Take up the keyboard and become a member of us.

Tell us about you and your writing.

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Maximum file size: 5mb.

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