General tips for preventing back pain

preventing back pain

Preventing back pain: The muscles of the back and abdomen must have sufficient strength to better withstand the weight and decrease the load at which the joints are subjected. The strengthened muscles guarantee a normal posture, which eventually will reduce injuries in that area.

General tips for preventing back pain


  • Avoid sitting in one position for a very long time. Get up every 45 min and walk. Change positions frequently.
  • A cushion on the curvature of the back can make you feel more comfortable.
  • Support your back firmly against the seat back, ensuring good lumbar support and shoulders.
  • Use a chair low enough so that the feet rest on the floor completely.
  • If you are sitting for a long time should you rest your feet on a low stool.

  • If you have back pain, try sitting in a chair with arms.
  • When you seated sit so that your knees are level with your hips.
  • When driving to adjust the seat so your legs do not have to stretch to reach the pedals.
  • Sit upright. Drive with both hands on the wheel.
  • When seated avoid partial turns. The right thing is to turn the whole body at once.


  • Use a straight medium firm mattress
  • Adopt sleeping position that is most comfortable. It is best to sleep on their backs
  • The pillow should be high enough to fill the gap remaining between the mattress and head, according to the position
  • Avoid too high pillows.
preventing back pain

General tips for preventing back pain

Load weights:

  • Do not lift higher up the chest
  • When lifting, bend your knees and use leg strength to lift the object.
  • Keep all objects that load close to your body
  • If the load is heavy or difficult to handle, get help to take.
  • When kept in suspension load, avoid making turning movements with the trunk, to make the turn move your feet.
  • Avoid sudden and forced movements when carrying the suspended load.
  • If the weight of the load is considerable, while carrying walk with knees bent.


  • Wear comfortable shoes with low heels.
  • Exercise every day, such as walking or swimming.


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