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5 Natural herbs that will improve your health and your baby during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the worst time to get sick, nothing you previously used is harmful to your baby. However, some herbs and alternative medicine can help soothe your aches and pains.

Natural medicine, is it safe?

For the use of herbs to be safe for you and your baby, you must be sure that they are harmless. You can consult with a professional so that you have all the guarantees that what you’re eating is good for both.

It is advisable to wait until the first trimester of pregnancy to begin herbal treatment. In case it is really necessary to start earlier, you can use those herbs that are safe.

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What can I drink?

What can I drink?During your pregnancy you can eat tea (in moderate amounts). The most recommended herbal teas are:

  • Red tea
  • Red raspberry tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Tea Nettle
  • Lemon balm tea

Medicinal herbs

There are hundreds of herbs to relieve pain during your baby’s gestation, you should know that each one is made for specific pain and that using it in large quantities can be harmful to you.


Ginger in pregnancyHelp with morning sickness, it is a spicy and aromatic herb that is generally used for cooking. You can ingest it in the form of tea and capsules.

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Red raspberry leaf

Red raspberry leaf in pregnancyThis herb is traditionally used to help during labor. Studies have shown that it can be used to speed up delivery and reduce complications during the birth of the baby.

Its taste is not very pleasant so it is mixed with other teas such as green tea or rose hip mint tea. You can take 1 to 2 cups of tea during the second and third trimesters.


Echinacea in pregnancyThis herb helps reduce the duration of colds and prevent it happening again. However, this herb DOES NOT HELP relieve the symptoms of the cold, for this it is better to ginger.

You can take this herb like a syrup, the recommended amount is up to 5 ml twice daily. If you are thinking of taking the capsules do it according to the recommendations of the package.

Red cranberry

Red cranberry in pregnancyThis delicious fruit prevents urinary tract infections, which are very common during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor because sometimes medication is necessary.

You can take it as juice or in cranberry capsules dosed as indicated by the product.


Chamomile in pregnancyInsomnia is a normal consequence of pregnancy, because when the baby begins to grow, the space is reduced and uncomfortable for both. You do not know what position to sleep and the baby does not stop moving because it has no space.

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To fight insomnia you can take chamomile as it will help you rest better and relax. You can take it in tea infusions, several times a day, although it is advisable to take 1 or 2 cups at night a few hours before going to sleep.

Remember to use these herbs with caution and under the approval of your doctor.

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