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Childhood accidents in summer and child safety

Basic tips for childhood accidents in summer

During the summer the risk of accidents in children with a greater number of falls increases, (they are the most frequent cause, although possibly representing less gravity) drowning, poisoning and burns. Accidents are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in children, so it is advisable to monitor and be aware of the child’s activities, do not induce reckless behavior but also fear, because it is also important to learn to know where the danger without sobreprotegerle.

During the summer are frequent travel and car journeys. You must use safety seats for infants and toddlers. Older children sit in the back seat with a seat belt in place.

To prevent poisoning, a maximum care in the handling of food is necessary. It is very important to wash your hands thoroughly, especially when preparing and consuming raw foods. Avoid eating homemade mayonnaise and water source uncontrolled.


As for heatstroke, avoid excessive sun exposure and direct, in the case of infants or young children, should flee small, enclosed places they can get to be very hot in summer; for example, must not let them indoors without ventilation eg in a car or tents when you are giving them the sun as they can suffer? heatstroke? which occurs when the body becomes unable to regulate their own temperature. It can be a very serious process. The child has a high temperature (above 39 ° C). The skin is red, hot and dry skin (no sweating), headache, muscle aches, vomiting and nausea. In severe situations, the child is confused or even loss of consciousness. In these cases we must act immediately and before being taken to a hospital have to place you in a cool, shaded place. Cool the body with any available method, wrap it with wet towels, soaking it in water, putting on pads or bags with cold water, etc.

When there is dehydration due to excessive sweating and / or poor fluid intake skin is clammy, you may also have fever, dizziness and impaired consciousness. In this case besides remove to fresh administer environment (if the child is well aware) isotonic drinks (oral rehydration solution).

The sunburn , damaging especially sensitive skin of children, can be avoided by creams with a high degree of protection above 30 (sun protection factor), to be applied before sun exposure, every two hours, then bath or intense sweating. Remember that sunburn can occur even in the shade and the water and sand reflect sunlight strengthening its effect on the skin. Although the skin is tanned protecting follow. Precautions between noon and four o’clock in the afternoon there that extreme. If, despite these precautions a burn occurs is advisable to clean and dry the affected and then apply a thin layer of antibacterial solution area (Example: Povidone creams or similar preparations nitrofurazone silver sulfadiazine or polyethylene glycol are useful). Avoid other topical treatments. Blisters should be left intact, only debride open. When pain intensity is maintained, it can also be administered systemically an analgesic.

The bites become one of the major problems faced by children during the summer. The best way to prevent these bites is to apply insect repellent lotions. The most effective is DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide currently N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) at concentrations for children should not exceed 10%. It does not suit your application on the face, hands and unexposed areas. At night are useful electric diffusers containing permethrin insecticide or burn spirals repelling mosquitoes. Avoid bright clothes and perfumes and toilet waters piercing colony. Hence, small bites are advised to reassure the child, put cold compresses or ice immediately and administer a mild analgesic or antihistamine. If it is massive bites or allergic children with significant previous reactions usually occur where severe local conditions, it is necessary to evacuate the child as soon as possible to the nearest hospital. If the injury is caused by a jellyfish or any marine animal; once you removed the thorn or sting, apply compresses of ammonia mixed with water and special ointments to reduce inflammation (antihistamines, corticosteroids). • If your child rub the wound because, besides getting infected, will cause more pain. If the injury is caused by cuts glass, cans, etc., it is essential to clean the wound with an antiseptic product, and if it has not, simply apply soap and water. Once clean, it should dry and protect it with a bandage, plaster, etc.

Promoting healthy habits to break

The summer vacation period is appropriate to propose activities that promote child development. You can use to instill habits outdoor sport put aside attitudes sedentary study time accordingly, television or video game. Water sports such as swimming are a good alternative. Keep in mind that drowning in children represents the second leading cause of accidental death after traffic accidents. Surveillance continues, especially the smaller is fundamental. Some studies indicate that the highest incidence is in the next six months have learned to swim. While it is recommended to wait some time after eating to bathing, especially if the water is very cold, cutting digestion it is actually a hidrocución syncope and loss of consciousness as a result of the sudden contact with cold water. Therefore, the most important is to avoid this sudden change in temperature after prolonged sun exposure or intense physical activity. You have to enter the water slowly and gradually the body adapts to the drop in temperature. It is recommended to leave the water if nausea, ringing in the ears, dizziness or chills appear. Children under one year are cooled very rapidly, so that when it comes to bathrooms in swimming pools, on the beach or in the river, should not last more than ten minutes if the ambient temperature is not high, they should be dry as soon as possible. Another danger of the bath, especially in children over 6 years and adolescents, is the fact sharply into the water. Not infrequently, for games or for not knowing the area, where there dive in shallow, if it comes to pools or rocks when it comes to rivers. The risk of injury is great, even cases often occur in the aftermath spinal cord injuries involving: paraplegia, quadriplegia, etc .. We must accustom to use a helmet when they ride a bike or skateboard.

With respect to diet, you should drink plenty of fluids, preferably water and natural juices. In infants, for example, it is advisable to offer them water between takes. Furthermore, summer is a good time to emphasize the Mediterranean diet, interested in increasing the consumption of fruits as well as vegetables and salads in the first course and lightening the food and provide lots of vitamins. For snacks, ice cream is a good choice as long as the children do not suffer overweight.

Finally, children need a break from the enormous physical activity performed during the summer, so be sure to keep times to sleep eight to ten hours a day.

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