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Tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy period is the most important time for a pregnant mother and her baby. At this time a woman should more take care seriously. Because this time, due to a mistake or carelessness may be unexpected danger. Which can lead to death of the mother or the baby. Also should have a clear idea about the mother’s nutritious diet. The pregnant mother needs nutritious diet for the physical development of baby. Mothers need to take some precautions for birth to a healthy baby. Many women search “Tips for pregnant women” in thire pregnancy. So we include here some tips for pregnant women.

Here some effective tips for pregnant women:

1. Tips for pregnant women about prenatal Visits.

As soon as you have certainty that she is pregnant, it is advisable to contact the consultation of Obstetrics.

The first visit must be performed within the first quarter. There will be a follow-up visit approximately every 4-6 weeks, until you reach the end of pregnancy, at which time you will be seen weekly. You will be your own obstetrician which will tell you the schedule to be followed.

It is necessary to go to classes of maternal education, which includes the birth preparation, where you will be given all the information necessary for them to develop in the best way possible, there will have to go around the third quarter.

2. Tips for pregnant women about care for the maternal and child health.

This series of self care are aimed at raising the level of health in the pregnant woman and her son:

  1. If you are a smoker, you can be a good opportunity to quit smoking. If it could not achieve this goal at least try not to exceed the amount of five cigarettes a day.
  2. Avoid the abuse of alcoholic beverages and do not take medicines without medical advice.
  3. If you need to make any trip, always and when there is no contraindication expresses, choose the means of locomotion more comfortable. In case of using the car, it is recommended that the placement of the seat belt so it does not oppress the abdomen, making passes above or below. It is also advisable to carry out small breaks during the trip (each approximately two hours), in order to walk around and take some kind of food more or less light. These indications are trying to promote the blood circulation especially to the legs and avoid long periods of fasting.
  4. You must avoid the overweight (which could hamper the delivery).

3. Tips for pregnant women about feeding.

  1. It is necessary to take food to facilitate the growth and development of your child.
  2. The diet should be balanced and orderly. Pay special attention to the quality of the meals, since the amount barely will be amended. As far as the frequency, it is better to have a distribution of five meals a day.
  3. Choose the way of cooking, whenever possible. Avoid fried foods. Eat boiled, steamed or grilled. Use natural seasonings such as garlic, onion or lemon.
  4. Choose those products that have not undergone excessive processes of preparation or processing. They are preferable foods in their natural forms. Each day it is advisable to take vegetables, fruit, meat or fish.
  5. It is recommended that the weekly intake of vegetables in small amount. Several times a week will have to take cereals, if are integral will improve the possible constipation.
  6. Provided that there is no objection we will have to eat about 1 liter of milk or milk products.
  7. It is recommended to drink 1 to 2 liters, preferably water or natural juices. It will be necessary to limit soft drinks, stimulant drinks …

4. Tips for pregnant women about physical Activity.

  1. There will be a normal activity, without performing work excessively heavy or lift weights.
  2. If your job required stay a long time of foot try to rest often.
  3. If your work should remain a lot of time sitting, try to get up and shorter walks, this will avoid the appearance of swelling of the ankles.
  4. When sit to ensure that the back is well supported against a hard surface
  5. If you want to practice sport there is no impediment, only be adapted to the new situation. It is important that the exercise would be slow and progressive on the basis of rhythmic exercises. It is advisable the gear (20 minutes per day) and swimming.

5. Tips for pregnant women about hygiene and grooming.

  1. It is important to ensure a correct oral hygiene. The gums during pregnancy are more fragile and bleed with relative frequency. You can also notice an increase in salivation, who advise washes of mouth after meals with a soft bristle brush. In addition a visit to the dentist at the beginning of the pregnancy will help us to prevent small problems, frequent during pregnancy.
  2. With regard to the general hygiene, are preferable to the showers and bathrooms always to mild temperatures. During pregnancy the sweating tends to increase it would be better the daily showers. Then soothe the skin, do not use deodorant soaps with alcohol or overly loud. The breasts do not need extra care.
  3. The clothes should be spacious and comfortable, without pressing. The underwear it is advisable to cotton or natural fibers, as they favor the body perspiration. The average it is advisable that they should be up to the waist, self-adjusting and elastic, in such a manner that furthers the venous circulation. If socks avoid that are excessively tight, especially at the level of the knee.
  4. Do not use strips, except in those cases in which this indicated. If it is necessary a Gaza will be used specifically for pregnant women.
  5. The fasteners will be adjusted to the changes of the chest, as you increase volume.
  6. Do not use shoes nor excessively high nor totally flat.

6. Tips for pregnant women about sleep and rest.

During the first few months of pregnancy due to hormonal changes that occur in the body, is usual be tired, sleepy and with some emotional liability.

Subsequently to extent that passes the pregnancy, the need for rest will also be increased, therefore be recommended to perform a nightly rest about 8 hours at least.

During the day we will try to rest after meals, for which the digestions are not too heavy. It is these periods it is not necessary bedtime but that simply sitting, relaxed and with the legs a little bit high.

7. Tips for pregnant women about relationship-communication.

Sexual relations may be maintained with normal, always and when there are no contraindications, in which case you will be reported.

It is important to maintain a flowing communication between the members of the couple and their children, because, in these times, it becomes necessary to share experiences, feelings and sensations. This communication also includes the unborn child. Increasingly it is checking the benefits that can be obtained if during fetal life occurs this type of stimuli.

8. Tips for pregnant women about stress.

Try to be relaxed and situations of increased stress or nervousness, that have not been able to avoid, apply the relaxation methods that will teach you in classes in preparation for childbirth.

9. Tips for pregnant women about common discomfort during pregnancy.

  • In the stomach aches: avoid eating too much. Delete the foods rich in fat, too heavy to digest. Take small amounts, increasing its frequency. Cook food to the iron. Eat vegetables, fruits, and all other dairy products. Eat slowly and chew the food thoroughly.
  • Vomiting or nausea: before leaving take some solid food, for example dried fruits, and remain lying a few moments.
  • Constipation: take fruit in the morning (kiwi fruit, plums, oranges or any other fruit with skin).  It is preferable that the fruit juices, as they do not contain fiber. Walk between 20-30 minutes a day and increase the intake of water.
  • Hemorrhoids: appear by the pressure exerted by the fetal head and more often when you have a tendency to constipation. It is advise sitz bath with warm water, several times a day. If this measure does not alleviate this problem, please refer to that prompted a specific treatment.
  • Edemas: avoid mineral waters rich in sodium, as well as the excessively salty foods. Reduce carbohydrates such as bread, cereals etc. rests in a horizontal position and in left side, preferably.
  • Varices: rests always with the legs elevated. Exercises of circulatory feet and walk on a regular basis for an hour a day.
  • Low Back Pain: appear frequently during pregnancy and are often increase in the final period. Are advised to avoid bad posture, do not lift weights, weight lifting, bending flexing the legs without bending the trunk. Are usually relieved with the application of dry heat, rest and massage. If you have already learned how to relax, take as long as you perform the exercises a position to help you relieve the pain of the lumbar area.
  • Vaginal Discharge: if vaginal discharge that appeared by their characteristics will arrive to itch or sting, do not forget to comment on it as soon as possible by if it were an infection. If so, in addition to treatment, would be aliviantes tepid baths of seat, the washings with neutral soaps and use and frequent change of towels.

If you experience severe headache, altered vision, excessive weight gain, swelling of legs, face or hands, or vaginal bleeding, go without delay to the query.

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