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Eliminate vaginal odor: 5 tips to remove vaginal smell

If you are the type who worries too much about the vaginal smell or vaginal odor, but do not want to use chemicals that can harm your intimate flora, you must know some natural methods that help you eliminate vaginal odor easily and effectively.

Do you dare to try?

5 tips to eliminate vaginal odor:

Eliminate vaginal odor - use apple cider vinegar
Eliminate vaginal odor – use apple cider vinegar.

No. 1 Apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar can be used to combat the smell of the vagina. You can ingest more often or add it to a glass of water you take you every day.

If you prefer, you can fill a full cup and pour in the water bath in which you go to submerge. It is very effective and also has a pleasant aroma.

Eliminate vaginal odor - use Sodium Bicarbonate
Eliminate vaginal odor – use Sodium Bicarbonate.

No. 2 Sodium Bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate is one of the natural ingredients that have more uses, and also applies to combat vaginal odor. To use it, you just have to add a cup in the tub and take a bath for at least 20 minutes. As simple as that!

Eliminate vaginal odor - use Yogurt
Eliminate vaginal odor – use Yogurt.

No. 3 Yogurt.

The natural bacteria in yogurt can help restore vaginal flora and fight one of the most common fungi: candida. So you drink it more often!

Eliminate vaginal odor - use tea tree oil
Eliminate vaginal odor – use tea tree oil.

No. 4 tea tree oil.

This oil is a potent agent against fungi; therefore, it is advisable to eliminate odors from the vagina caused by these. To do this, simply add a few drops in your bath water.

Eliminate vaginal odor - use Garlic
Eliminate vaginal odor – use Garlic.

No. 5 Garlic.

Although it seems counterproductive to use garlic to remove the smell of your vagina, but this food is the most potent natural antibiotic. Try to include more often in your diet!

Important: The bad vaginal odor can be a symptom of infection. For this reason, it is essential that you consult your doctor.

10 more tips to maintain the health of your vagina:

#1 Changing washcloth.

When you’re on your period, do not let the same towel all day; be sure to change it every 4 hours, as maximum. Only in this way you will preserve clean and healthy.

#2 After privacy.

It is VERY important that you attend to your vagina after enjoying a moment of privacy. What does this mean? You should wash your female parts to scare all those infections that may be on the turn.

#3 Hot toilet paper!

After peeing, how clean you down there? If you caught the habit of doing with a towel, you have to change your modes. Otherwise, you’ll keep your vagina exposing countless bacteria. Conclusion: ALWAYS use the toilet paper!

#4 Hair Removal.

Many debates have arisen around the intimate waxing. But is it healthy or not? Well, for one, it prevents the accumulation of bacteria and all the smell they generate. So, you should think about it!

#5 Warm water.

The idea is to keep your vagina clean – not to freeze it. Therefore, use warm water whenever you want to clean. Moreover, this is much more effective to destroy all those unwanted bacteria.

#6 fabric.

Let’s focus now on your underwear: what fabric is? You have to know that cotton is the healthiest, especially in summer when the sweat glands are fully operation. At this time, then, seeks to circumvent lace and silk garments.

#7 Is that dry.

The care does not end when you finish brush your parts, it is necessary that, after the dry them well. Only then will reduce to a minimum the risk of developing infections or suffer fungi.

#8 Pee.

By sex, it is possible that some bacteria from entering your body and achieve the urethra, which is associated with the vagina, and cause all kinds of infections and color. To prevent this from happening and confirm that the bacteria came out just where it is essential to do pee after the copulation.

#9 Preservatives.

Condom use is highly recommended to keep up the pH levels of your vagina in complete balance and thus assure a good “habitat” beneficial bacteria that live in that area.

#10 Recommended Foods.

Several studies have shown that eating foods like pineapple and blueberries improve the aroma of vaginal secretions. In turn, other research has suggested that eating garlic operationalize natural mechanisms that the vagina plays to stay healthy.

Now … to implement all these tips? Your Vagina will thank you.

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