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Learning Yoga on Your Own: Best Tips for Success

Nowadays, Yoga has become one in a million things whose variety is the spice of life. This, so called an opaque Hindu spiritual practice in the past, has now been widespread to overloaded white collar all over the world as a way to improve their health and to balance their daily routine.

Why has yoga quickly become a common habit in the western world? The true answer is that it brings people something they really need to handle the today hard life rush. Sooner, people will realize the way they can keep calm from deep inside, the way to listen to their body’ need as well as the way to be stable in the present moment. In other words, yoga is a real refresh button for you rearrange your intricate schedule and teach you how to enjoy life in a wholesome way without your cell phone.

If you are tired of busy life, yoga can be the true resolution which can take you to another peaceful world where you can recharge energy and refill your passion for going back to work. You may be surprised at the effect yoga will bring to you both mentally and physically.

Sometimes, strictly comply with a fixed schedule of a studio is considered as an impossible duty for those people with limited time foundation. As a result, below are some best tips to successfully stay in shape without any concerning about time arrangement. Such solution revealed to be Learning Yoga on Your Own.

1. Stick with a set sequence.

The key solution for individuals to have effective workout sessions is to practice the same poses every day. As a result, those poses will bear in their minds so their mission is just keeping consistent in the lesson, focusing on producing correct poses and controlling their breath.

The repetition of those poses creates many advantages, including the capacity of watching the increase in their health and their shape as well as concentrating on bandhas and drishti. Therefore, once take on yoga yourself, it will create a beautiful introspective space to relax and refresh, makes you more peaceful and confident after you step off your mat.

2. Practice each day.

Take on yoga at least 15 minutes every day and you will see the different from the inside out. Remember, the more often you practice, the more brilliant you will achieve. You can make a commitment of your own and conform to it, take it as your habit rather than the mission you have to do every day. Start small, stay strong. If possible, prolong the time and you will receive a better result to your body.

3. Prioritize and sanctify your practice.

Generously spend a special space in your home/hotel/dorm room for your practicing yoga. That means when your walk in this space, all your worriment about the world outside is straightly eliminated, and your mind will be full of peacefulness and relaxation. 15 minutes a day, turn off all interferable devices such as Mobile phone, computer, doorbell…, roll out your mat and practice specific yoga poses.

Take these steps in order and you will see the enhancement in your daily routine.  Moreover, your can have some new things such as a picture of your hobby, a token or candle…as a way to deify the space so that you can have a deep focus in the lesson.

A boundary from the surrounding environment is an important factor which determines how much successful you achieve in your practicing. Settle an earnest negotiation with other members in your living place, express your desire, and require for 15 minutes quiet to balance yourself from the stressful world.

Yoga Class Beach
Learning Yoga on Your Own.

4. Take the time to sit and be still.

When practicing, you should have time just for breathing and sensing your existence at that moment. That’s called BE. Some lesson given as an advice to you can be a gentle pranayama, japa or may be a mantra meditation will have a strong effect on you. The feeling yoga brought to practicers can make them stay strong. Moreover, sense of devotion would come turning yoga to one of their indispensable daily routines.

3 peaceful minutes with deep breathing a day, and you will realize many miracle things happen in your mind as it is beneficial for your asana practice, so does the buildup of your concentrating capacity. In controversial, by focus on controlling prana through drishti, bandhas, and breath, gentle aspect of your characteristic can have a chance to thrive.

5. Invert!

One way to become more and more active is to be motive. While inverting, not only your body will be brawnier, but you can also temporary forget those complex thing which burden and stress your brain. The question is, invert in which way? Simply just walk with your head and shoulder stand in the right position or viparita karani can be also a useful practice. Despite little does the time you spend for hanging out, happier are the life of those try.

6. Go in for regular tune-ups.

Brand new things always make your life more interesting. Some meeting at classes or workshop can be a motivation to push up your consistency in practicing. Moreover, the teacher you meet can show off some special areas in each person body that need to have more assistance than other. Hence, the result of your home practice will be better.

7. Use the resources around you well.

If you are in trouble with some difficult poses, feel free to find an occasional yoga class to ask for assistance with this problem. Such yoga class should be originated from a donation base instead of a private class with the fee, for example, $20 each class. In addition, blogs, yoga websites, and online yoga class may have an effective effect on your practice. Or even, it would be a great experience if you try YogaGlo because they offer free trial classes.

stability ball training - Learning Yoga
Learning Yoga on Your Own.

8. Be smart about sequencing.

Maybe repeating specific poses every day cannot create strong motivation in your practice, feel free to try new things, such as Vinyasa style on your mat provided that your practice is still balance.

9. Practice on an empty stomach.

When practicing yoga, your body will be stretched strongly so that it would be harmful if you do it with your full stomach. Keep it in mind that you are just allowed to practice at least 2 hours after your big meal.

10. Start in silence.

In order to stabilize your deep feelings and prepare for high-quality practice, remember to take some time before your start doing what you want it to be done, even if you did not plan it.

Final thoughts

Yoga is considered as one of the most ideal practice for today hustling life. As having mentioned above, yoga takes it an indispensable position in human’s 21 century routine because it both trains people mentally as well as physically. However, one outstanding advantages of yoga than any other kinds of exercise is its active time – controlling. Indeed, you do not have to depend on any studio with a fixed schedule and firmed sets of training lesson. If you are busy, all you need is just follow the online instruction and spend 10 minutes every day doing exercise so that you can have a healthy body and a confident state of mind.

After having a look at this post, we hope that you have some helpful knowledge about the special exercise, yoga. We think that yoga is simpler than any kinds of exercises. Besides yoga, there are some exercises that you can practice at home with the help of exercise machines. One of the machines we highly recommend is the best rowing machine which not only helps you relieve your mind but also bring you the fitness and healthy life.

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