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Best power tower reviews including Buying Guideline

This review article is about 6 best power tower. Like you know, a power tower is one of the useful home fitness equipment among all. With this fitness machine you can work your entire body form upper to lower and the middle section eventually. All these exercise towers can help you really well for strengthening and building body muscles. You can perform a wider range of physical exercise like chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups and leg raises etc. with workout power tower. It is a proven beneficial fitness tool of any gymnasium, both home and commercial.

6 Best power tower reviews

In this review articles you will know all about 6 top power tower reviews based on user experience and out expertise over view. For a quick check out all the 6 workout tower review, underneath you will found some basic discussion about the fitness solution. So, let’s begin,

ImageProduct NameOverall RatingLinks
Weider power towerWeider power tower★★★★☆
We recommend
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Stamina 1690 power towerStamina 1690 power tower★★★★★
Best choice
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Body vision pt600 power towerBody vision pt600 power tower★★★★☆Check Price
Xmark power tower with dip station and pull up bar xm 4434Xmark power tower with dip station and pull up bar xm 4434★★★★★
We recommend
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Bowflex bodytowerBowflex bodytower★★★★☆
Gives most workouts
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Soozier fitness power tower w/dip station pull up barSoozier fitness power tower w/dip station pull up bar★★★★★
We recommend
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1. Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower is committed to training all type of strength working outs. Its versatility and engineering platform to maintain perfect form and exercise better. For all kind of strength training, it offers an independent utility bench and uprights accommodate Olympic bars. Also, the curl yoke of the Weider Power Tower helps you to develop the muscles in your upper body portion. Moreover, this workout tower station also offers safety spotters to assure you the safety during a workout.

Here is some few explanation about the stations of Weider Power Tower.

  • Push up station: The push-up a station of the Weider exercise tower helps to maintain the perfect form and leaving you with chiseled chest muscles and your triceps. Moreover, it works for your biceps, shoulder, and core. This push-up station has padded hand grips for reliable and secure grip, so your hand never slips either for tiredness or sweating.
  • Multi-grip pull up station: This multi-station also has padded hand grips and a permanent structure to workout with your back and arm muscles. It adds definition to your biceps and forearms.
  • Vertical knee raise station: Vertical knee raise station or VKR is perfect for toning and sculpting your midsection. If you want to shape your body then working out on this section will be wiser to choose. Because, VKR help to strength your knee, and loose inches around your waist as well.

The workout power tower has sewn vinyl cushions for comfortable resting during exercise. Here I like to add more this workout power station perfectly goes with big heavy weight persons. Usually, tall or overweight people often afraid of having this type of fitness stuff. They always, questioning about the power tower’s material, maximum weight carrying ability, etc. but the Weider Power Tower is not like others, it’s very sturdy and heavy. It’s like a tank that can bear or deal with anything. Although this is one of the best exercise tower which made of durable steel tubing. So you can use it year to years without having any complications. This is the most trusted name in strength training more the two past decades. After all, Weider is a renowned brand of fitness equipment from ICON Health & Fitness.

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2. Stamina 1690

This power tower is perfect for usual workouts at home. This Stamina 1690 is very comfortable, secure, and ergonomic to use. It has four units to do your exercise. Including-

  • Push ups
  • Pull ups
  • Triceps Dips
  • Sit ups

Its padded hand grips are great for push ups, pull ups or chin ups. You can also perform the sit-up or triceps dips exercise as well. This simple looking best pull up dip station also features vertical knee raises, versatile workouts for chest, abs, back and arms. The Stamina 1690 has padded handle all over it need, but don’t have any back cushions like the other towers but still it’s perfect for work out. After all, you can perform four steps with the exercise power station, so the back cushion is not a problem after all.

You will find much fancy power tower on the market, but a top cheap power tower like this one which comes below 100$ is not that easy. This sturdy built stable exercise platform is truly a gift for any person who wants to love exercise. Also, it’s perfect for small spaces even though. The dimension of the Stamina 1690 is just 51 x 27 x 4 inches and the weight is 61 pounds. So it could be easily fitted in any medium and small size of appertaining where you have enough space for exercise. Stamina brand is the well-known name for providing well built, reliable, durable strength machine. All they are recognize for excellent quality and service. So you can trust the brand completely for having a high power station for work out.

In additionally, having this Stamina 1690 in your home will enable you to build the muscle strength gradually. Also, it’s very easy to assemble and perfectly stable to bear up under 250 lbs weight. You can do your great wide grip pull ups with this best pull up tower with ultimate flexibility. The system will defiantly good enough to keep anyone happy if you compare all its quality, service, and price.

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3. Body Vision PT600

Body vision pt600 power tower

This power station could be perfect for any home or light commercial gym. The Body Vision PT600 is ideal for a multitude of ab crunching and upper body strengthening workouts. The Body Vision PT600 has many features like a chin up, pull up station features inside and full-grip positions VKR station for abdominal. This one multiple workout stations can complete all your exercise just in one sitting. Beside all these VKR or pull up, push ups you can do knee raises, or dip station for upper body strengthening routines with the Body Vision PT600.

Here is some function and features about this special power tower for you. Such as,

  • Multi station- this multi-station tower helps you to work out your upper and lower body.
  • Chin up and pull up station- for multiple grip positions this two chin up and pull up stations are perfect to do any arm and back muscle workout.
  • Dip station for triceps- in this station you can exercise by raising your leg for quads and lower abs.
  • Padded back and arm cushions– this power station has back and arm cushion for back and armrest. Its sturdy base is comfortable for set ups.
  • Slip resistant foot grips- this exercise tower also has foot grips which are durable as the push up bras. Moreover, they are height adjustable.

The height of the exercise tool is 84 inches so anyone around 6 to 7 ft can easily work out on it. Also, it can bear up to 250 lbs weight. The price of this top rated workout tower is quite reasonable compare then other brands. Although, the Body Vision PT600 is made with heavy duty steel frames and other quality materials. So you can trust on the sturdiness of the pull up tower. It’s very easy to assemble and perfect for using a long time.  The instruction book of the Body Vision PT600 is quit adequate. You don’t need for detail instruction; they are very straight forward. Just follow the guideline and use your basic ratchet and wrench set to put all together.

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4. XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar XM-4434 (Gray or White)

This is one of the top power towers that can impress anyone just rights after seeing. Because the XMark with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar XM-4434 is specially designed to define your upper body and build powerful abs muscles. Even this instrument is suitable to build stronger back muscles as well. Let’s have a look at the points given below to understand what the capabilities of the XMark XM-4434 are. Such as,

  • Chin ups and pull ups bar- this bar help to cuts your upper back and arms muscles. Also, it ergonomically spaced twin dip handles work your triceps. This chin up and pull ups bar wide and narrow so can you have comfortable, sturdy grips as well.
  • Raised push up handles- this push-up handle is perfect for a chest workout and adds volume into triceps.
  • Vertical knee raise station- the VKR work for strengthening your core and enhance body muscles.
  • Extra thick cushion- the XMark with Dip Station and Pull-up Bar XM-4434 has 2” inch high-density cushions for back and armrest. This double stitch cushion is very comfortable and durable too.

Furthermore, the handles of this power station are covered with nonslip rubber to eliminate and slippage. So you can work out fearless or avoid any accident like slipped over or anything like that. Also, the XMark XM has the Duraguard Vinyl feet to protect your floor against the damage. This vinyl is completely torn and scratch resistant which has unique powder coating finish.

The Xmark XM-4434 is the best pull up tower that you will want to commit to as each passing workout brings you closer to your desired body shape. This is ideal for doing all the additional exercise with more efficient way. So if your dream is to build a body like a professional body builder, then you may never find anything like XMark Gymnastics Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar XM-4434.

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5. Bowflex BodyTower

Here is another tower workout machine for including the versatility of your exercise. The Bowflex BodyTower is a unique an easy to use power for any body builder. It has EZ- Adjust horizontal bars that increase the verity of your workout. It also raises the intensity of the exercise and improves the result of your fitness program. The hand grips and sling straps of the Bowflex BodyTower provide a vast range of options more than any other power tower. Although, this pull up tower has used a robust and stable commercial grade steel base to keep you steady and secure as well. This one fitness solution can full fill the need of buying a bunch of free weights or expensive equipment.

  • Multi station workout tower- this Multi-station workout tower features many useful features like EZ adjust horizontal bars. Moreover, it can perform up to 20 exercises. Such as push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats, planks, knee and leg raise, dips, and much more.
  • Manufacturer warranty- With all the exclusive features, this tower station also comes with manufacturer warranty. You will get five years of body frame warranty and one year of great wear warranty after purchasing.
  • Weight range- the Bowflex BodyTower can bear 120 to 300 pounds of weight without getting any trouble.
  • Easy to assemble- this Body Workout Tower also very easy to put together. Its well-built engineering is made it completely trouble free to all organize all the parts as well.

With all the superb features this home fitness solution looks great too. Although this quality body workout tower is made for the long run, so you can assure you about its workability. Also, people from mid to high height and weight range can use this one perfectly. Besides, its tower mounted exercise placard can demonstrate eight key workouts and a guide feature ten more. It’s ideal for your sit ups, pull ups and some other exercises that focus on your leg and core. So, if you are looking for a perfect home fitness solution that can provide a full range of fitness training, then you should try the Bowflex BodyTower.

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6. Soozier Fitness Power Tower w/ Dip Station & Pull Up Bar

Last but not least, our next top rated power tower is blown your mind. The Soozier Fitness Power Tower w/ Dip Station & Pull Up Bar has true combination to hit various body muscles.

  • Its dip and pull- stand are perfect for body weight based workouts. Moreover, this machine offers an ideal place of pushups, pull ups, dips, abdominal raises and many other exercises that you can imagine. This 4 in one rack is suitable for pushups, pull ups, sit dips and triceps dips.
  • Reinforced steel frame- For core and upper body strength with quick, practical ways this type of structure are suitable for multiple body types. Its stable body frame is perfect for do all kind of workout you need. Even it can bear up to 330lbs weight and around 8” fit height.
  • Supportive cushion- Also its supportive cushions and slip free handles secure abdominal and arm focused workouts without add excessive weight.
  • Allow all type of exercises- the Soozier Fitness Tower with Dip Station & Pull Up Bar suitable for push ups, pull ups, squats, planks, knee and leg raise, dips. It will complete your entire workout regimen as well. So you don’t need any other fancy workout equipment to do all those workouts.

This piece of material is excellent that what you are going to pay for. Its affordable comes with all the needed nuts, nuts and very easy to assemble. The Soozier Fitness Exercise Tower with Dip Station & Pull up bar is very reliable and will last for many years.

Check Lowest Price That We Found

Power tower workout – how to use it

Best power tower workout

Those who are not trying the power towers yet- here is some instruction to them. Such as,

  • For pull ups- grebe the pull-up bar with your bare hand wide and firmly. Now hang from the bar by crossing your legs behind your body, bend your knee and elbow try to pull your up. Try to get your chin as close as possible to the bar. Now extend your elbow and lower the body down. Repeat this process as long you can. Pull ups targeted your upper arm, back, and triceps. This was the wide pull ups if you try the whole process just by close the grip in this time then it will call close pull ups.
  • For triceps exercise- grab the two dip bar handles by stand facing the power tower. Grab one handles with each hand. Now extend your arms, bend your knees behind you cross the legs and move downward. By dipping your body when you are bending your elbows move your chest on the level of the handle. Once you get there, extend elbows, and lift the body back on starting position.
  • For Chip ups- position your forearms to be parallel with your palms, stand in front of the tower. Pull you body up until your chin reaches above the bar. This exercise is for your chest, forearms, biceps and upper back.
  • Vertical knee raises- place your shoulder and back next to back supporting pad and hold the side bars are handling. Now, bending your knees up and towards your chest try to hang in the air.
  • Leg Raise- Standing away from the tower and grip the side bars when standing away from the tower. Now raise your legs up until they are in level with your chest. In this exercise, your knees will be straight, but knees could be slightly bends.
  • For improving arm strength- do a standard push by gripping the lower hand bars at the center of the power tower. Keep your back straight and repeat the process. These push ups work at a different angle of your body and active different muscle groups. These push ups are better for improving your arm strength as well.

Pre-purchase Considerations

Before going for purchasing any of these top power towers, considers this factors first. Including,

  • It’s best to have consider a power tower with all the necessary parts like push ups/pull up the rod, VKR, bench, backrest, etc. means the more feature is also a bonus to consider. But it’s better to determine your need first. Means what you exactly need for daily workouts.
  • Consider the size and weight capacity of the power tower; it should be capable of bearing your weight and long enough so you can do pull-ups as well. Like, if you are a 7 ft tall man then you should go for at least 8 ft or more high exercise tower.
  • power tower below 100$ may not be that capable of using for the extended time. So give the priority of quality material and consider the cost in at least a decent level.
  • See the manufacturer background also if you want a well quality power tower. Non-brand or unknown manufacturer’s products always remain questionable.
  • Check the warranty, customer service and parts availability before going purchase as well.

Which power tower is the best for you?

Now, if you are thinking of which one power tower station is suitable for you then let our expert help you there,

You can have Body Vision PT600, Weider Tower or Soozier Fitness, if you need almost all features within affordable price. Else think about XMark-4434 or Bowflex BodyTower, if you are looking for something unique with multiple features. If price is important, you will check Stamina 1690. It is the cheapest of them.

But our selected workout power towers are also very useful as well. They are different from other random work out equipment available in market. If you spend little more time research about the towers you will surly understand the differences. So, research, compare all these power towers with other and choose right one for you.

Last Verdict

In the review post, we have tried to give you an overview of few things that you need to consider if you truly want to pick a power tower for you home gym. A perfect power tower can help you to stay fit, shape your body etc. another awesome thing about power tower is it can allow you to do multiple weight exercise that you may only able to do in commercial gyms. So know more worries of getting gym membership for having all those exercise. Just bring home one from all these power towers soon and get start your exercise.

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    Reliability: - 99%
  • 97%
    User Satisfaction: - 97%
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