How to get a smaller waist: 6 exercises for a smaller waist

how to get a smaller waist - 6 exercises for a smaller waist

The waist is one of the areas of the body that tend to gain fat and lose their shape when we neglect to diet and lifestyle.

As one of the attributes of our body, it is very important to make various efforts every day to keep it thin or reduce it when we’re having a weight.

Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle that in addition to a balanced diet, including localized exercises to work this area which is usually difficult to mold.


Exercise plans are the best way to burn fat, shape and tone the body. For the waist, the results may vary from body to body, and there are those who are fortunate enough to have a defined waist easily, while others have to work and make more efforts to do.

If you’re looking to have a smaller waist and are aware that you must enforce, do not miss the next 6 exercises that will help you meet your goal.

How to get a smaller waist: 6 exercises for a smaller waist.

With these exercises you can shape your body without going to the gym and devoting only a few minutes a day. Remember combined with a healthy balanced diet.

Exercise 1.

This is one of the simplest exercises gymnastics and will not need to be an expert to learn to do it properly.

how to get a smaller waist - exercise no 1

how to get a smaller waist – exercise no 1.

  • To begin, stand right, with legs spread apart and well.
  • Now, turn your waist to the right side bends trunk and left hand tries to touch the right toe.
  • Returns to the initial position and now repeats the same exercise to the opposite side.
  • Make movements alternately to complete 15 to 20 repetitions.

Exercise 2.

The abdominals are a classic exercise to shape the waist and, incidentally, toning the abdomen to look up.

There are many ways to do crunches and all are very effective. However, here’s your idea for the practice at home.

how to get a smaller waist - exercise no 2

how to get a smaller waist – exercise no 2.

  • Lie on your back on a mat or exercise mat and lean with good back straight and knees bent.
  • With hands behind the head, shoulders slightly raised and chest off the floor and begins to make oblique movements trying to touch the right elbow to your left knee and vice versa.
  • Keep the abdomen contracted while doing the movement and, for starters, performed 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Exercise 3.

The leg lifts is another good exercise to shape and tone the waist and abdomen work.

how to get a smaller waist - exercise no 3

how to get a smaller waist – exercise no 3.

  • Lie on your back, resting ground, but back up a little.
  • In this position, extend your legs as much as possible and raise them the fourth floor, so that your knees are diagonal to the buttocks and the other leg parallel to the ground.
  • Stretch your arms forward for better balance and increase endurance.
  • Hold for 30 seconds rest and repeat at least 3 times.

Exercise 4.

The iron is an exercise involving no more movement, but balance and endurance. This exercise works almost every muscle in the body, especially the abdomen and waist.

how to get a smaller waist - exercise no 4

how to get a smaller waist – exercise no 4.

  • Stretch your body upside down on a mat or exercise mat, and rises a little body leaning with his forearm and toes.
  • Keep your body straight without bending the knees and spine, so stay at least 30 seconds.

Exercise 5.

The “plank” side is another very effective exercise of resistance to mold the waist and abdomen work.

how to get a smaller waist - exercise no 5

how to get a smaller waist – exercise no 5.

  • Lie on your side, leaning on the side of the foot and hand on that side of the floor, so that the body is in a straight line, diagonally table.
  • From the previous position, low waist as much as possible, to have it just a few centimeters from the ground.
  • Up and down in the same position for 20 seconds and then switch sides.

Exercise 6.

To end the routine exercises lumbar are a great complement to tone and reduce the waist, while helping you to strengthen your back.

how to get a smaller waist - exercise no 6

how to get a smaller waist – exercise no 6.

  • Lie face down on the floor, his legs and arms outstretched, as in the picture above.
  • Maintaining this position, now seeks to raise the trunk and arms up while you raise your legs a bit.
  • While doing the movement keep the contracted belly and try to do at least 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

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The waist is a fundamental part of a woman when you consider beautiful and healthy. Some do not pay much attention to the subject and others, however, crave so thin and defined as that of a smaller waist. Leaving aside the drama and comparison, you should ideally make some decisions that will lead faster to have a smaller waist, especially according to your proportions.

Diet to reduce waist.

A healthy diet is essential when you want to get a smaller waist. This requires a lot of discipline and determination on your part. The ideal is to start the day with a healthy breakfast, try eating whole grains, breads, eggs and fruit. Stay well hydrated in the morning.

how to get a smaller waist - Diet to reduce waist.

How to get a smaller waist – Diet to reduce waist.

On the other hand do not forget to feed small, frequent meals to keep your metabolism butt burn calories during the day and not feel hunger which in turn produces anxiety. Eliminate carbonated beverages and processed foods.

Exercises for a smaller waist.

If you want a smaller waist will have to make an effort. It is not a sacrifice that you make it clear, this is an effort to the extent that you adapt to exercise routines. The first will start with cardiovascular type exercises that make your body stronger and allows you to burn calories. About 30 minutes by bike will help you get the body ready for the next step of this method.

How to get a smaller waist - Exercises for a wasp waist

How to get a smaller waist – Exercises for a wasp waist.

The next step will you perform exercises for abdominal area. For example, to strengthen the core abdominal muscles. You can make variations on them to tone lower abs. Even the experts recommend testing with alternative exercises for turning the waist like hula-hoop, yoga and pilates. You choose. Remember discipline.

Waist positions.

Maintain good posture can do more for you than any belt. The truth is that the back straight stylized shape of your body. However, you can help with some options like wide belts in the abdomen that model the shape of your waist. You should not squeeze too is having smaller waist, not that you lack breath.

How to get a smaller waist - Waist positions

How to get a smaller waist – Waist positions.

It also prevents loose clothing or low-rise pants, you better use the high-waisted. However, aware of the risk to health brings wear very tight clothing.

Remember that much depends on the methods you use either to have a smaller waist; but it all depends on your body and the possibilities of it.


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