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Can you train for MMA at home? – Mixed martial arts training at home

There are many platforms out there that help an individual be their healthier and fitter self. Be it a high intensity strength training, Karate, Yoga, boxing, judo or mixed martial arts, they all have their own way of helping one reach their goal of total fitness and strength.

Mixed martial arts is a discipline that combines the tactics or boxing and wrestling with the mindfulness of martial arts. Mixed martial arts comes with the abundance of benefits that not only help you maintain your inner peace but also physically be in the body you have always wanted.

Mixed martial arts involves a certain level of intensity training that require heavy sets of instruments and a trainer which many people find it hard to afford. Practicing for MMA at home depends mostly on your skill level and the availability of a partner. A partner can really help spike up your training levels and even at home you can definitely build up a perfect MMA routine.

An Open space for training

You can’t train in a small room with not enough space for you to freely move in. the best place to work out from the comfort of your home is either in your garage or outside in fresh air, if the weather is favorable. Having the ability to move freely and letting your movements guide your body helps you boost your confidence and you can pair combos more easily. If you work in a closed space there are many other risks to think of and accidents are more than likely to befall.

Get a Partner

As mentioned before, your partner is one of the many crucial elements when you’re starting to train for MMA. They help you recognize your faults and improve them. Working with a partner can have many benefits. They not only help you train but also help you stay focused and not give up. They keep your morale high so you train better and perform better.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is something you should always go back to from time to time. Shadow boxing allows you to practice your moves in front of a mirror so you can see your style better and notice the faults and add improvements where they are needed. If you’re already into shadow boxing try finishing your routine off with kicks. Visualization of the opponent fighting in front of you is a great way to keep yourself and your body engaged. Seeing yourself in the mirror and critically analyzing every move and perfecting it will ultimately help you improve your strategy.

Your shadow boxing technique should be similar to the real life fighting rounds. You could do two to three rounds of 5 minutes each but if you want a quick workout routine one round should be enough to warm up the body and get the flow going.

Jump Rope

It is necessary to warm your body up and get that heart racing with a nice jump rope prior to a strenuous exercise. Using a jump rope is a great way to combine all forms of moves and muscles and train your body to coordinate better with speed and agility. You can do different patterns with a jump rope and take it up a notch and really just have fun with it. Do five rounds of 5 minutes each with a 1 minute break in between the rounds. If you’re just starting out, you can decrease to one minute and slowly increase the rate and the time as you make progress to find your right balance.

There are many ways to learn mixed martial arts, one of the best is to enroll yourself in college mma programs that help build your whole body up, strengthen your weak points and get you in the best shape.

Heavy Bag Work

Heavy bag work can either be done alone or with the help of a partner which is known to be way more fun. Start with three rounds of 5 minutes each with a 1 minute break in between. To begin, high pace and high speed punches seem like the perfect way to go. In this set you can change the range of punches to practice each and every aspect of it. This is a great way of practicing some punch and kick combos.

The second round should be based upon foot work with high, low and medium kicks at varying speeds and intensities. Try mixing up ranges, intensities and levels all in one to make your perfect kick combo. Practicing frequently will help you get more confident and swirl up some custom combo moves of your own.

All Burn Out- Round

The final high intensity training round is the final battle between you and your punching bag. It’s better if you do this with a partner because if you do it on your own you really have to work towards putting yourself in a hard position and push to challenge yourself.

The high intensity burn out round is only 5 minutes long with 30 seconds of active work and 30 seconds of rest. 30 seconds might seem like nothing but during a high intensity work out where you push yourself at every step, it can be a lot and here is the break down;

  • 30 seconds punches in full intensity and speed.
  • 30 seconds of rest.
  • 30 seconds high intensity kicks
  • 30 seconds of rest.
  • 30 seconds high intensity punches.
  • 30 seconds of rest.
  • 30 seconds of high intensity kicks.
  • 30 seconds of rest.
  • 30 seconds of high intensity punches.

Working with a partner can be helpful for you and your partner both. You can help hold the punching bag for your partner during your interval and they can do the same for you during their interval.

Equipment Free Workout

The equipment free workout is mostly a core buildup workout. If you have time to squeeze into your workout, doing push-ups can make a huge difference in your strength and your form. After push-ups do a series of different exercises targeting different muscle groups, such as, planks, lunges, squats, ball oblique twists and leg lifts. This is the perfect opportunity for you to work on your abs and really get the most out of the workout.

Training for MMA is quite fun and can be great for your routine, if you remain focused and work towards improving yourself every single day.

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