how to remove plaque and improve dental health?

How I can remove plaque and improve my oral health?

Plaque is the accumulation of food waste in the internal and external surfaces of the teeth. This oral disease can cause bad breath and may also develop other conditions the same condition such as the plaque  that develops when these food waste and calcined harden on the teeth causing bleeding and halitosis.

Although there is no definitive solution to prevent the development of plaque on your teeth, you can perform a number of home procedures to reduce the accumulation of these residues in the mouth and prevent the disease progresses.

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how to remove plaque and improve dental health?

The best thing to do is change the way you usually brush your teeth; Most people, when we brush, we always horizontally and from left to right, but many do not know that by doing so, we increase tooth sensitivity and possibly malocclusion in these.

Cepillaremos our teeth vertically, first the top and then the bottom, and the wheels in a circle, always end oral hygiene with dental floss to remove any residues that are in inaccessible spaces. When finished, use mouthwash and you should always rinse your brush to clean any remaining waste in this.

Note: Change your toothbrush at least four times a year and use a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Change your diet.

Eating a balanced diet is the best thing you can do to strengthen your dental health. Try not to eat sugar and carbohydrates, consume drinks that are not dark or soft and if you do, do it with a drinking straw so they do not have direct contact with your teeth. Do not consume too many foods with flour and binders, and if you do, do not forget to wash your teeth afterward to prevent diseases or bacterial infections.

How I can supplement my oral health?

Home remedies sometimes are quite effective when it comes to combating this type of oral diseases like plaque, but it is very important not to overdo quantities so that they do not end up violating the health of your teeth instead of improving it.

Some of home remedies used to remove plaque and improve dental health:


How to remove plaque: Bubblegum use to remove plaque and improve dental health

How to remove plaque: Bubblegum use to remove plaque and improve dental health.

For some it is somewhat controversial, but a recent study shows that chewing gum with zero sugar helps reduce the production of plaque on our teeth. Just chewing after each meal so that food waste who are staying in our teeth are easily released and then remove completely finished brushing.

Sodium bicarbonate.

How to remove plaque: Sodium bicarbonate use to remove plaque and improve dental health

How to remove plaque: Sodium bicarbonate use to remove plaque and improve dental health.

When you go to brush, add some baking soda in toothpaste (very little). The baking soda dissolves all residues from the teeth and also help bleaching significantly. You can do this once a week before going to sleep, but remember that the amount of bicarbonate used should not be excessive, as the frequency of its application.

Note: Baking soda can erode tooth enamel, so we should use it with care. Apply once a week to remove debris and whiten teeth.


How to remove plaque: Lemon use to remove plaque and improve dental health

How to remove plaque: Lemon use to remove plaque and improve dental health.

Lemon juice is perfect to fight plaque and tartar from the teeth. The acidity of the lemon contains abrasive properties that cleanse our mouth in depth. In addition, it provides brightness, eliminates bad breath and can also whiten teeth. Just do it once a week to reduce the creation of plate gradually, without being excessive in its application, as it can create the opposite effect on our teeth.


There are very few methods and home remedies to cleanse, whiten and prevent diseases that harm our oral health. The best we can do to have healthy teeth is to schedule a visit every six months with your dentist: there is nothing better than a professional cleaning to completely remove so uncomfortable and harmful diseases such as the plate.


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