How many calories does running burn per mile or 30 minutes?

As running is the best way to burn calories, before starting a regular running, you may want to know how many calories does running burn. If you run regularly, you do not need to go to the gym or do other exercises. The calorie burning by running depends on your weight and how much you run. So, make a routine for running and follow it regularly to know the calorie burn.

How many calories does running burn?

Dr. Daniel V. Vigil who is the Associate Professor of David Geffen School says that the general estimation for calorie burn in a mile is approximately 100 calories. But this number of calorie burn varies from person to person depending on some matter on them. Body weight is one of the major factors.

According to the card from American Council on Exercise, a person with 120-pound can burn 11.4 calories per minute by running. So, if this 120 pounds man runs for 10 minutes, he can burn 114 calories. And a man with 180 pounds can burn 170 calories per 10 minutes running. If anyone wants to burn 400 calories in a 30 minutes run, he needs to run more than four miles at a fast seven minute-30 seconds pace.

Don’t worry to burn calories. You just need to run more to burn more calories if your speed is slow. A fatty man can burn more calories by running less because it will take more energy to move with the large body. While we exercise, it burns energy from our body. We know that one pound is equal to 35oo calories. If you want to lose one pound a week, you need to burn more than 500 calories you take a day. Besides, you should follow a diet plan because a little bit extra food can harm your calorie burning.

Getting started running

The new runner needs to be fit the body for it. It is better to talk to a doctor before starting the exercise plan. It is very important if you have a chronic condition of your health. You need a pair of right shoes to start your running without any injury. If you go to the market, you will find different brands of shoes. However, you can choose tennis, football or basketball shoes for your run to prevent your feet injury. Then take a short training and make a diet chart. For example, walk for 5 minutes then run for one minute. Repeat it for several times. Every day try to run for more time than before.

Benefits of running

I think running is the best physical exercise. It reduces your body weight, keeps you fit and healthy. Besides, it controls high blood pressure and less the cholesterol level. Moreover, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

So, for better sleep, healthy body and beautiful figure, there is no option of running. So, you do not need to be tensed about how many calories does running burn per mile. Just start it and see the result.

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