How to Avoid Running Injuries

How to Avoid Running Injuries – 7 Ways to Prevent Running Injuries

You should pay attention on how to avoid running injuries. Because of every year, a good percentage of runners nearly 80% face injury problems. It happened due to sudden changes in training volume, overuse or applying repeated forces. In this addition, the director of the Running Injury Clinic, Reed Ferber at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada mentioned this kind of injury could avoid by listening to your body and preparing better. So let’s learn how can u prevent the running injuries.

How to Avoid Running Injuries – 7 Ways to Prevent Injuries

Among so many running injuries, these are the most common problems you can avoid-

  1. Never Change The Thing That Is Working For You

Not everything will suit with everybody. At the same way, don’t jump for latest and new running shoes or training method. Further, don’t switch from slow to steady suddenly only because others are doing this. With this in mind, you should change training and shoes gradually and sensibly.

  1. Walk It Out

According to Mr. Jeff Galloway, an Olympian who coached over 1 million runners suggested taking a warm up of 3-5 minutes gentle walk followed by a 5-minute run walk. This is really a good thing to follow some serious injuries.

  1. Progression Is a Matter of Concern

In most of the cases, injuries happen from doing too much too soon. In fact, when you avoid the outdoors in the winter it will not be easy for you doing it all on a sudden. In such conditions, though your cardiovascular system supports yet progression is important in returning to the pavement. For this reason, runners fall for injury. Rather in distance race, it will be great to increase about 10% distance per week.

  1. Knee Pain

Sitting for extended periods with knees bend causes runner’s knee pain. Sometimes walking for downstairs or downhill occur this pain. This pain begins from the mild ache in the back of the leg or above the heel. As prevention, you can follow hip strengthening routine like bridge pose, clams, side lying leg raises etc. As a result, these will optimize the functions of your muscles and joints.

  1. Follow Some Injury prevention

Perform some dynamic stretching before your runs and some static stretching after runs. Besides, follow some foam roll tired muscles before and after your running. You should elevate and ice any potential injury spots as soon as possible. Hence, add some strength training in your weekly routine to stabilize and strengthen your body to prevent injury.

  1. Always Listen To Your Body

Give the priority at first of your body; try to understand what it is trying to tell you. In case, you feel some pain pay attention to it. In view of the fact try to find out why and what is making it hurt.

  1. Eat Healthy

Healthy foods are not always irritating. In particular, make sure you’re getting adequate calcium and healthy fats in certain fish and fish oil capsules. Also, add vegetable and protein sources.

In overall, these are the most proven 7 ways on how to avoid running injuries. If you follow them, you can definitely prevent those unexpected injuries and continue your running over time.


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