calories does running a mile burn

How many calories does running a mile burn?

Running is the great healthy measure for burn calories which concern with lose weight. How many calories does running a mile burn depends on your walking speed or running. It also depends on your weight, age and other environment. You can also burn calories by playing sports, if you don’t like to play any specific sports then running is the best way for burning calories where you don’t need any special equipment except quality shoe.

Running can be a great part of your daily exercise which helps you lose weight and burn calories. When we do exercise then our energy burns calories. The fuel of energy is calorie. 3500 calories is equivalent to one pounds. So if you want to lose 1 pound per week you have to burn about 500 to 900 calories than you carry per day. You should mind that before burning calories you have to build healthy diet plan.

How many calories does running a mile burn by regular running?

Calories burn is depends on your speed and the form of land.It is tough to say exactly how much do you burn calories. Here is the average estimated burning calories per mile which can measured by you. For this you have to multiply 0.75 with your weight in pounds. For example, if you carry 220 pounds, your calorie burn will be 165 for running per mile. If you carry 200 pounds then you will burn 150 calories.

Calories burned per mile running

According to American Council on Exercise chart 11.4 calories burns per minute a 120-pound person. So if that person runs a 15-minute mile, he will burn 171 calories. If that person weighed 200 pounds, the calorie burn up to 19 calories per minute. 200 pounds holder person can burn 190 calories by running 10 minutes (per mile).

Calories burn by walking

You can measure your calorie burning per mile of walking by multiplying 0.53 to your weights. For example, if you carry 220 pounds, your calorie burn will be 117 for running per mile. If you carry 200 pounds then you will burn 106 calories.

Running benefits for the body

As running is the best physical exercise you should regularly maintain it. At least walking if you cannot maintain running every day. There are huge benefits of running daily. It burns calories, makes better sleep along with sound mood. Here I have discussed about some importance which influence you for running.

Running makes better sleep

Running is the best calorie burner exercise and it trigger blood circulation which is good for healthy life. A study published in the Journal on 2012 which revealed that running is the morning make better improvement in your sleep. Also running can reduce anxiety and depression.

Reduces extreme blood pressure

Blood pressure level will be improved by regular walking. American Heart Association says that running everyday 5 minutes achieve 15 minutes brisk walking. It can minimize your risk of extreme blood pressure and cholesterol. Also helps in diabetes control.

Increase life span

Regular exercise is the key to prevention of various diseases. Running is the part of regular exercise by doing this you can increase your life span. As different types of diseases occur for heavy weight. And running is the solution for losing weight.

Also running can maintain:

  • Your weight.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Extreme blood pressure.
  • Reduce risk for heart attack.
  • Maintain type 2 diabetes and stroke.
  • Lessen arthritis pain.
  • Reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Lowering cholesterol levels which reduce heart diseases.

Enhancing Your Calorie Burn

If you want to burn extra calories then you should try to add some hard training to cardio. When you do weight exercise along with cardio it will trigger your calorie burn and improve your muscle. For example, you can do a quick sprint and several push-ups and again another sprint.

So hope that “how many calories does running a mile burn” article will help you to lose weight and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and burn calorie.



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