Is Running a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Is running a good way to lose weight? This is the most asked question from people. By the way, do you really think it is the best way to shed pounds?  Well, the simple answer will be “YES”, definitely it is. According to Glenn Gaesser, the professor of Exercise Science at Arizona State University, running is very beneficial for health in order to lose weight and burn calories. Moreover running will provide a good bang for your buck, so choose a terrain, run faster and burn more calories.

Is Running A Good Way to Lose Weight – Let’s Find The Answer

To find the answer, read the whole article. You’ll realize how running does well to your health care.

Take Your Time to Adapt

At the beginning, the ligament and bones will perform more slowly than your cardiovascular system. Therefore, by running three or four days a week for three weeks, you’ll catch the flow. After some days, 2 mile or 3-mile runs will start to feel easier for you. In the light of your body will take weeks to catch up your metabolic body.

Then Add Some Strength and Intensity

Once you get started, the next thing will be moving on to some general strength and mobility work. Forthwith this could be some simple exercises as like body squats, pushups etc. Even pedestal or plank exercises are great for core strength.

Develop Your Lungs and Heart

Running does a lot good to our heart and lungs. After running everyday, your lungs will become stronger and more efficient. Thus, you can take more oxygen with each breath. Not only, this has improved lungs functions but also helps to improve lungs conditions like as asthma.

Promote Cortisol Production

That is to say, every exercise includes in inflammatory activity. In this case, exercises promote cortisol production. Further cortisol has some important functions for our body. But all these end up at chronic inflammation. It is the key market for disease and key deterrent to fat loss. So when you’re taking a pounding movement and repeat it thousands of time it helps to burn the fat.

Don’t Stress Too Much on Your Bones

It is normal to know your muscles, joints, and bones need time to recover from the stress of running. Since you are a beginner, so only one day not enough for these tissues to grow stronger. Therefore, try to limit your running for the first few weeks. Either you decide to run more than do some walks or nonimpact workouts as like cycling.

You’re Losing Less Than You’re Thinking

Just because you cover with sweats, you are thinking you lost, over 500 calories, it is not like that. In this regard, a 150-pound woman can burn calories running for 45 minutes at a 10 minute per mile pace. So if you are not doing the same or not that much long and fast then you’re wrong.

I think you get your answer on – Is running a good way to lose weight. Well, I do it because I wanted to let you aware of what you’re doing to your body. Now I hope you agree with me.

Happy Running!

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