How long does it take to train for a 5K run? Is it same for all?

If you are interested to run a 5K run, you will be interested to know how much it will take to train for a 5K run. However, if you want to take a training for a 5K run, it will depend on the fitness of your body and your running experience. If you are a beginner, it will take more time than the experienced one. Basically, it will take six to eight weeks for them who are hard-working and has strong willing.

Time required time to train for a 5K run for the beginners

If you are a beginner and do not run before at regular basis, you need to prepare for a long time for a 5K. It will take basically at least eight weeks for you to get ready to run this long race. To run 5K, you should build your mind to run at least 3 times in a week. Besides, you should take 2, 3 days cross-training to fit your body. Now see the schedules of running for the beginner.

For beginner runner

It is the eight weeks training schedule for the beginner runners. This schedule consists running, walking and also resting. When you go with this schedule, you will prepare you with less risk of injury, fatigue. Under this schedule spend some time for walking. You can run and walk for a week. For this, run for fifteen seconds and then walk for at least 40 seconds. You should repeat it for 30 minutes.

After a week, you can gradually increase the time of running but reduce the walking time. One day a week you should take rest and keep yourself away from exercise. Then start walking and running. Start your first run with slow motion. Then increase the speed of running.

For novice runner

If you have some running experience and you feel that you have passed the beginner stage, you can take preparation for a 5K run. It can take 4 to 7 weeks. At first, take a one-day cross-training. Then start running for 1.2 miles a day in a week with two days rest. Then increase the running times and distance gradually. Follow your schedule for 7 weeks. At the last week, run for 3 miles a day with two days rest.

For Advanced runner

The experienced runner can do a 5K run at any day a week. But it is better to take a training at least for 4 weeks to get ready for this race. Besides, you can run a long race for 4 to 5 days. However, run for at least 5 miles in this 4 to 5 days. Besides, take enough rest. It will be useful for the experienced runner.

The 5k run is not a short race. So, training is must to run a 5K. The training time differs according to the experience of the runners. We see that different level runners need different schedules to train for a 5K run. Take the training properly for the strong and enjoyable 5K run.

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