How many calories do you burn walking a mile? How to calculate it?

After deciding to start walking as a regular physical exercise, a question can occur in your mind that how many calories do you burn walking a mile? It depends on your walking speed. When you walk, the calories of your body start to burn to supply energy. So, it is very effective to reduce the body weight and burn fats. Burning calories also depends on the body weight.

How many calories do you burn walking a mile?

It is sure that walking helps to burn calories. But it depends on some matters. It depends on weight, height and running speed. The biggest factor how many calories burn walking a mile is the weight than the speed. From a research, we know that walking speed cannot make a bigger difference. But running burns more calories than walking. If your weight is more, you can burn more calories with less walking.

Besides, other theories say, when you walk faster, it will cause a lot of calories burned. In fact, burn off calories mostly depends on the metabolism and your weight.

Calories burn by walking is equal to the weight plus the metabolism plus how far you walk.

From that, we know that the weight person can burn more calories by walking than the person of less weight.  A person having 180 pounds can burn 100 calories by walking a mile. But a person of 120 pounds can only burn 65 calories by walking a mile. So, we see that speed plays a little role in burn calories by walking.

Calories burn from per mile faster walking

If you increase your walking speed to 4mph paces or more, you will be able to burn more calories. But the main factor is still now weight. The only one benefit of walking faster is that you can walk more at the same time of slow walking.

Ways to burn more calories by walking

To burn more calories, walk for more times. Speed is not the major factor here. Seed up to walk more miles in less time. Make a workout for a long time walking. You can use a treadmill. Increase your intensity. Besides, you can use the fitness walking poles to burn more calories. You can also set a goal of walking a mile in 15 minutes. Longer distance will burn more calories. While walking you should move your arms to use the muscle to increase calorie burn. Besides, if you are a thinner person, you can carry some extra weight to burn more calories. Walking on the treadmill also help you by increasing the speed. Thus you can increase the burning of calories by daily walking.

How many calories do you burn by walking a mile depends on the weight, speed, distance of walking. So, to burn more calories, increase the distance, time of walking and follow a routine regularly. Besides, take a healthy and special diet to burn calories. However, try to enjoy your walking. You can go with your dog or your friends or a family member. Try hard to burn more calories.

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