About Skinny Runner (Sarah Moore)

Why SkinnyRunner?

Because I’m not particularly skinny and I’m not a serious runner… it’d be more accurate to call me an AverageJogger, but that just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Skinny Runner dot comI chose the name “skinnyrunner”  just for fun.  Remember, we all want to be healthy and look our best, but being healthy doesn’t alwayscorrelate with being skinny.

Sarah MooreI started reading a lot of health, fitness, beauty blogs (you’re right, I don’t have much of a life) and decided to start my own as a way to keep myself accountable with my workouts and somewhat healthy living, but mostly because let’s be honest, I want to talk about myself.

I’ve always written down my workouts in a notebook so now I’m taking the big jump to the world wide web and the world of blogging… probably one of the last people in the universe to do so.  At this rate, it’ll only take me another 7 years before I join Facebook and Twitter.

{Edited to add: I finally joined twitter.  and Facebook.  and Pinterest.  Your life is now complete.}

SR Final Logo

I also tried to hold out with the ’ol discman, but it seemed the more I ran, the more I became a DJ.  There were so many pauses, repeats and skips that I just knew I was creating new remixes that had never been thought of by the likes of Deadmau5 and Skrillex.

I finally broke down when I was getting more calls to DJ than Samantha Ronson and bought an ipod.  The forefront of technology, that’s where I reside.

So being that I’ve never blogged before and  just learned to write in cursive and complete sentences, I’m not really sure what incarnations this blog will take.

This might pass as a quasi-healthy living blog but that’s about it.  My sad attempts at food blogging are more reminiscent of David Hasselhoff’s cheeseburger on the floor consumption than anything else.  And trust me, I’m boring enough without bringing my boring food into it.

drunk david hasselhoffAlso, SR is not an online journal or diary of my life; it’s simply the inconsequential small parts of my life that I choose to portray online.  So although you might only see running and celebrity gossip posts, I promise I sorta have somewhat of a life outside of that.  on a good day.

I like to run. alot.  And race. alot.  So if you aren’t into running or excessive pictures of me, this might not be your bag, baby.  And that’s ok too.  Here’s my running story for those of you who care.  (ahem, Mom)

Other than that, who knows what will happen on here?  I really just want to keep myself accountable by posting my workouts and whatever else mismatched thoughts and musings come to mind.  If nothing else, for my husband’s sake so he doesn’t have to hear me constantly rattle on about muffin top, bloating, or fat pants.  Romantic things, for sure.

The main players in this real life comedy:

SkinnyRunner = Me, Moi, It’s all about me, right?

Sarah Moore picPlaying a minor role, Marni = the 4lb yorkie leader of the universe.

Marni - my petA note:  SR is not exactly me; it’s an excessive characterization of me.  It’s a blonder, wittier, skinnier, funnier, saracastic-er, more entertaining version of me.  So if you ever meet me IRL and find that I’m incredibly dull and vapid, please note that you’ve been duly warned.

*Any Amazon link on here is an affiliate link like everyone on the interwebs does which means I earn a laughably small amount when you purchase something through my affiliate (I got .1 cent one time!)  If you’re not down with it, that’s ok.  Just open up a new window, type in Amazon and buy the product that way.  I’m sure Amazon would prefer to hold onto their penny anyways. :)

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75 thoughts on “About Skinny Runner (Sarah Moore)”

  1. Recently found your site and I love it. First let me say you are gorgeous and the pictures of you are very inspiring. I know you aren’t in to healthy eating and I fully understand and you do an amazing amount of running which I do not. I would love to run but haven’t accomplished that goal as of yet. My question for you is, how many calories do you think you eat in a typical day? I would love to be as small as you. I’ve recently lost 70 pounds, need to lose 15 more and keep all of it off for a life time.

  2. Warning: stalker message will follow:

    I’ve been following your site for a few weeks now and I LOVE it. Great job for all your runs…I’m TRYING to exercise now so reading your blog motivates me!

  3. Love your blog! Maybe by reading it I’ll be more inspired to workout. I haven’t hit the gym in like two months. =(

  4. I am a 3 day reader and a TWICE replyer…stalker more like. I just found your blog….(wait this might be my third reply…) I just have to tell you – YOU CRACK ME UP!
    And I also run just started last year after my third was born. And I am not young…..34. But you made me realize my goal is to run a half…..I usually only do 5k’s.
    Also I was reading and laughing and my hubs was like what are you laughing at blog stalker and then I showed him you on the job and he’s impressed- he LOVES to fish….

    • Hi Sarah! It’s very nice to meet you, and this looks like a great blog. This is weird… but I didn’t write this comment. My name is Christine, not Kim, and I don’t like that my photo & email are being used here by someone else. Would you please remove this comment? Thanks!

  5. I came across your site a few months ago when I googled “skinny + runner”. I love your blog! VERY entertaining! I admit I’ve been following your updates since then. You inspire me to keep up with my fitness. Thank you!

  6. I have just spent hours reading your blog {thanks to someone else’s blog that I cannot remember the name of right now, because it its so past my bed time}… you are hilarious! You talk about everything I love from, running, fitness, celebrities (ok I don’t LOVE them… just sayin’), love it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your humor and your life… now I must go to bed!

  7. I think you should update your ‘About Me’ because you are definitely skinny and 100% runner =]

    ~ Celine @ Nutrition Nut on the Run

  8. Your blog is freaking hilarious. I just found it and I’m so happy because I now have loads of material to keep me occupied reading for the next million hours. haha.

    AWESOME work with all the runs, especially the marathon.

    I better get back to reading….


  9. You are cute!! I just found your blog and have hardly been able to stop reading it. My husband is soooo annoyed with me:). Anyway, I wanted to email you but can’t find your email address. I have a couple questions for you as I think we might know mutual people. I saw you were from Lynden. Did you graduate from there? A couple of my best friends from college are from there and moved back there after college. I love love love that town and would move there in a second if my husband’s job had to be based here in Walla Walla. Anyway, could you shoot me an email and I can explain more. Keep blogging you are my daily reading material to motivate me to go on my run after working all day!

  10. Hi,
    after seeing this blog I feel very enthusiast I want to be like you!!you are so healty just seeing your face!
    I stopped to do sport about two years ago, and now I will start again, doing running. for ten years I was swimmer,and at the same time I did fitness (aerobic,gag, etc), but it’s another thing. now I’m like a principiant.please, can you tell me a simple workout for 2-3 times for week? I just want to know time of run, kilometers, bpm, and the best time in the day for run, and the best food for that days (I’m little overweight -58 kilos x 155cm high)
    thanks a lot,
    sara from Italy.

  11. Girl I love your blog. You seem to have such a fun attitude. I’m going to be running the Chicago 2010 Marathon so I will definitely be reading your blog for more tips and advice!

  12. I don’t know what you are talking about girl, you ARE skinny and absolutely gorgeous. I love how you discuss healthy ways to stay in shape, keep it up!

  13. i’ve been creepily lurking around your blog now for quite some time. you’re hilarious and i envy your shweet west coast life. are you running boston this year? if so, i’ll be the dead person you step over as you speedily zoom to copley square!

  14. Hey. Ive been reading your blog for awhile now. But JUST read this section. Weird. Anyway, I think you are gorgeous and hilariously funny! I love your blog and you have completely inspired me. Im always saying I want to run too. Soooo…Im getting off my fat butt and making some life changes. Been going at it for almost 4 weeks now! This week I am starting the couch to 5k program…hopefully at some point I can run a marathon. So any adive…I need me some running shoes…and some running clothes for those a little less SKINNYrunner!

  15. Hi there! I’ve been reading your website for a while but figured I would identify myself. I would have to agree with the above comments that you’re so not a normal jogger! You’re definitely skinny and running marathons in the times you do puts you in the runner category in my book. I don’t know what I’m going to do all summer long when you’re gone!
    By the way, I appreciate that you don’t do too many food posts. I really don’t care to see tons of pictures of people’s food.

  16. I used to avoid your blog because your title made me think you were a running nutjob but now that I’ve read a little, I see you’re a normal nutjob. Like me. I would never post about my eating or exercising habits because that would make ME obsessed beyond belief (omg I didn’t run enough today or my meal wasn’t healthy enough or did I forget to post that candy bar I ate- imagine the panic this would cause) though you may find the occasional post on my blog that involves food or exercise. I thought I was going to like you until I just saw you in a picture with Uggs. I might have to keep you at arm’s length for a while as you will find on my blog, I have some serious Ugg issues. Not the PETA kind, the I’m a teacher and can’t stand to see them on teenagers kind.

  17. Your site is fantastic, have you mentioned anywhere how many half/ full marathons you have run? I am starting to think you run for a living.. I am so envious.
    Please keep up the great posts, they are very motivating.

  18. What the hell! I love your blog and happily check out your ramblings and sarcasm every day, but seriously? This is your “About Me”:
    “I’m not particularly skinny and I’m not particularly a runner but I’d like to be both maybe one day”.

    Either your attempt to be self-deprecating failed miserably, you’re really reaching for compliments, or you’re delusional.

    Not a runner? How about owning your accomplishments? How about taking credit for what an amazing (and yes, elite!) athlete you are?
    And don’t even get me started on “not particularly skinny”. Go ahead and indulge yourself in the body hang-ups all of us struggle with every day, but for God’s sake, don’t blatantly bash yourself in a manner that’s just not true.
    The reason I love this blog is because you’re not average, and you don’t publish what everyone else publishes. Try not to fall into their traps too.

    • Uh…. thank you for that. I love you too, Nader.
      Everything is subjective. If you want to compare me to the national average of obesity, yeah I guess I’m skinny. But that’s not my barometer of health. I’m at a normal, healthy weight, not skinny. But since we’re fast becoming a nation of fatties, then I might be “skinny” to some.
      I don’t think I’m delusional (yet) and I’m not fishing for compliments (I have a mom already), and I’m NOT an elite athlete. I wish I was. Again, maybe if your comparison is people without legs who can’t run, then I might seem like one, but back to reality, I’m not.
      I guess it’s all subjective, whatever you want to compare to is fine, whatever floats your boat and gets you through your day. But don’t get all geeked up because I dont think I’m skinny or an elite athlete. I think, no, scratch that. I KNOW I’m healthy and normal and athletic. and thats good enough for me.

      run on,

      • Ha, okay, so it’s very possible I was briefly enraged and sounded a little like I have anger issues, but honestly, my frustration is directed more at society than you directly (a cop-out, but true!). Women (including myself, though I may be disowned after today), don’t know how to take credit for their accomplishments. We never feel good enough and feel the need to add qualifiers to any statement that resembles “I’m awesome!”.
        I guess it’s kind of frustrating to see a thin, accomplished athlete like you fail to own it. You have a point when you say it’s totally subjective, but what hope is there for the rest of us sidelined-by-injuries runners if eight marathons aren’t the standard to live up to?
        Sidenote: “I KNOW I’m healthy and normal and athletic. and thats good enough for me.” should definitely be the new heading to your “About Me”. It might save some of us from spouting our inane frustrations on the blogosphere.

        • Just saying…I totally agree with you SR… Meg: and is she supposed to be skinny? Skinny is not always that beautiful so maybe she thinks NOT being skinny is beautiful.At least I think so…so therefore she is NOT fishing for compliments. And she does not look skinny she looks healthy! 🙂

  19. I have been reading your blog for awhile and had a question…do you count the miles you log on the elipitcal toward your 2000 mile goal? I was thinking of making a mileage goal for myself next year and was curious. I think that your ability to be so dedicated to running is remarkable.

    • i only count miles run. not miles on elliptical, biking or walking the dog. but i do count the couple miles i run with my dog; they’re very slow (for me) but i still figure im running and its only 2 miles at a time.

  20. Hi SR, I absolutely love your blog. I have been reading it for a few months and this is my first comment! I wanted to ask about your Garmin 405- I read your review of it a while back (vs Nike + ipod, which is what I’ve used up until now). I am asking for a Garmin for Christmas and I’m torn between the 305 and 405. I would definitely get the 405 except I’ve read a lot of bad reviews that say that people have had problems with the touch screen, especially if they are sweaty or wet. The 305 has buttons, which eliminates that problem. Have you had any problems? What do you think??

    • theres been a couple times (like las vegas marathon) where it takes a couple mins to start, like the bezel doesnt respond very well but ive never had enough problems with it to recommend anything other than the 405. its pretty sweet.

      • Thank you, that helps! I was hoping you would say good things about the 405 because its way cooler looking than the 305. Can’t wait to get it!

  21. Wow, I really, really SO loved your blog and found it entertaining and refreshing and whimsical until recently when there have been so many eating disordered women with blogs spotlighted. The Sarah Palin blog sealed the deal (not just for me!). Wish you the best of luck but I have to unsubscribe for my own sanity.

    • i understand. i have the right to put whatever I WANT on the blog. And you have the right not to read it.
      But please don’t group me with “so many eating disordered women with blogs” because then you’d simply be incorrect.

  22. It says your dogs name is “Marnie” in this post but when you have written about her before you say “Marni.” How do you spell her name? I am just asking because I spell my name Marni and I hate it when people put an “e” on the end. I was just asking for your dog’s sake…perhaps she doesn’t like it either. 🙂

      • Yeah! Your dog shares my exact name! Is it weird that I am honored? Btw: my sister got me super hooked on your blog. You, all your peeps and of course the adorable Marni (I’m talking about your dog of course…I don’t find myself adorable) are amazing! Happy new year and I am excited to hear about all your new runs and adventures!

  23. Hi, Sarah. I’m your second cousin Bob Starr’s wife. We just got married in November. Dick and Tami told me about your blog so I stopped by to check it out. I just started running this past fall. I’ll enjoy following your blog. My goal is to run at least a half marathon this year, but I’d hope for a full. I love running and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. Bob says hello.

  24. Hi there SR,

    so I’ve been reading your Blog for a while now, NICE! I’m a runner myself, although I’m not as quick as you are! Unfortunately, I live in Holland, so I don’t have the most convenient weather situation here (dark when you come home, winter is a bad time for training).

    ANYWAY… I enjoy reading you’re posts and look at you’re pictures AND that is how i discovered that GREAT gray ‘layered’ Nike running skirt… MY GOD, it’s fab! Is this only available in the USA, or could I possibly buy it somewhere else (webshop?)? I love you’re running outfits anyway, VERY NICE 🙂

    Hi from Holland! Jess

  25. hi SR! =)

    i’m a beginner runner and your blog inspires me to be a consistent & dedicated runner. i enjoy reading your posts!
    i’m just wondering what’s your height and weight, if you don’t mind. any eating/food tips would you like to share?


  26. your blog makes my work days far more enjoyable 🙂

    a few questions:
    what gear do you run with? (besides the obvious clothes & shoes)

    do you have a “running buddy” for races? or do you only do the hans solo thing?

    do you have a target “miles per week” that you try to reach?

    what are you favorite go-to’s for nutrients during a half/full?

    sorry for all the questions in a comment area & thanks in advance for responding!

  27. Dear skinny runner,
    I think I love your blog. Finally a blog with some running and humor…LOVE IT!

    I have done a few halfs and I’m thinking of taking on a marathon this August. Any words of advise. I’m really nervous about it all!

  28. Hi SR! I have been enjoying your blog since last fall and have gotten a few of my friends on the SR bandwagon as well 😮 ) I live in Overland Park, KS but am traveling to Orange County next week for work and was hoping you could recommend a good route for me to run! I am staying in Santa Ana if that helps at all. Let me know what you think! Anything from 6-12 miles would be awesome. I just want to be sure to run in a safe spot…no creepy creepies or mountain lions 😮 ) THANKS!-Leonard

    • hmm i dont know santa ana very well at all since its aways from me, but id say go run around disneyland that area, its gotta be pretty entertaining. also, if you make it west to the beach, go run huntington or newport or long beach. theres GREAT flat bike trails right on the beach. amazing place to run.

  29. Hey-
    I came across your blog and I love it!
    Im currently training for my first marathon—I joined Team in Training to raise money for cancer!!
    I have run a couple half marathons, but never the full—Anyways, I think (based on your blogs)–you live in SD area?? My boyfriend lives down there and Im always there–looking for a running buddy—So if you’re ever in the area and wanna run–Let me know!! I’d be glad to join ya!

  30. Sarah –

    i love your blog! you are such an inspiration! i am 22, and have run 2 half-marathons so far, but i want to run a full sometime this year. when did you start trying out Gu and those type of energy products and what effects do they have on you and your performance? i’ve never used them before (since the most i’ve ever run is 13.1 miles). when would you recommend testing them out? and what’s your favorite brand?

    • definitely as you start doing long runs, id say anything over 10 miles is a good place to start. take one every hour or even every 5-6 miles. i really like pretty much any gel, GU, Hammer gels, Clif gels, but you just gotta test a few different ones out and see what works for your stomache. a lot of people dont like gels at all – its a texture issue. so you might want to try something chewy, like shot bloks, chomps, sport beans, etc.

  31. Hi SR,
    Been following you as well as other health/run bloggers. I noticed your post about running in anahiem. Where did you run!? I’ve been training and am having a hard time running, while not inhaling exhaust the entire time, haha, and trying to stay safe, maze only does so much lol. I’d love to know the route you took. Thanks so much!

  32. Hey! You have some crazy sculpted legs! I am very jealous and was wondering if this is mainly due to running or if you do any kind of leg routine? Thanks!

      • I hear ya. I make every excuse the strength train. Just got the Champion Empire workout shirt in shell pink today… I think it’s my new favorit shirt. Thanks!

  33. I wasn’t real sure where to leave a comment that might catch a reply – so, I’ll leave it here and hope for the best!

    I am new to running. Like only on week three of 5K101 (my third attempt to get going); I got good sneakers (those HELP! as my first two attempts at a C25K plan over the last 18 months BOMBED because of my discount sneakers at Academy. I figured only real runners needed good sneakers. Boy, was I wrong!)

    My questions come from these two issues: my bottoms BOTHER me; I’ve spent a small fortune at WalMart and Academy trying to get comfortable with bottoms (under and outer). What are your favorites? And, why?

    And, sunglasses. I live in South Texas; it’s bright, hot, humid and windy more than most of the time. The ones I’ve worn for the last year or so whenever I am out and about drive me insane when I run (they’re a pair of oversized Marc Jacobs received as a Christmas gift); a cheap ‘snugger’ fitting pair I grabbed on a whim at Target aren’t any better. It’s hard to know if they’re going to wear well when I am out even if they seem to wear well in the store. I am open to suggestions here, too.

    I need to get comfy and see this through. I have a soon-to-be third grader that wants momma to run with her! She’s ran 4 or 5 5Ks since February of this year – thanks to a great PE coach, amazing set of teachers (her math and language teachers) and one really cool librarian for starting a run club at her elementary school. I’ve got to get movin’! 🙂

    • for bottoms, i like nike tempo shorts. they have built in underwear, they’re comfortable, not too tight, not too loose, have a small pocket and come in a million different colors.
      for sunglasses, i have native running glasses – they dont fog up or slip off my face. chanels, they are not. they look like sports sunglasses but they do the job well. http://www.nativeyewear.com/
      good luck!

  34. HI SR!!!
    My sister in law just turned me on to your blog and I have to say, it is amazing! It really helps get me through the day! Last night I was reading through your older posts and it inspired me to go for a run after my 40 minute elliptical work out, but then it started thundering and lightning so I kept reading.

    Anywho… I just have to ask, you don’t talk about work ever, is this your full time job? To be a blogger? If so I’m super jealous! How did you luck and get to do this for a living?

    • haha, i wish. i make very little (meaning im in the hole!) money on blogging. i commercial fish in alaska in the summers so that is my income. plus i steal my husbands paychecks…

  35. SR I love your blog! As I was reading your About page I got to the giant blue cookie picture and I instantly recognized it! Is that in Lynden, WA?! Because I lived there my whole life 🙂 And it’s always amazing whenever someone has been to Lynden (let alone knows where it is!)

  36. Girl-i found your website on accident and thanks for making me laugh!! Your dry, witty humor is incredibly stimulating!!! Don’t we all have a alter-ego with legs than don’t stop, hair that doesn’t know the meaning of split ends, and enough cultural, spiritual, and financial wealth to feed the world…….TWICE. 🙂
    This isn’t about me but here’s a 5 second bleb about moi. 30 year old neuro trauma RN in level 1 trauma hosp who’s been involved in the ultra community for 10 yrs. 80 miles in arizona desert the past nov? Yep. Been there. Did that. Now training for 52 mile run in bighorn mountains this june? Yep. Been there-twice-and round three is in 5 months and counting.
    Now-like you……my italian gets the best of me-tiramisu? Flan? Mom’s homemade cookies. Hell-30 miles at roughly 100 cal/mile?? Its ooooook 🙂
    Love the independent woman you rock!! (In nonlesbian kinda way)

    Keep da posts coming!!!!
    Robyn Greenspan
    (Name change to protect the innocent)

  37. I loved reading about you; when you described yourself as as a “normal runner” not a “skinny runner” I immediately looked at your super super slender legs and thought ‘ yeah I wish my legs looked that ‘normal” Hello ? You look awesome. Gives me inspiration to keep it up. Have been a runner for 25 years ; recently had surgery for a torn meniscus in my left knee. Could have said ah the hell with it…I am 52 years old let me age and forget about all this exercise like almost everyone else I know. But my conscience and incredibly tight clothes got the better of me and I have been struggling to get my strength back. It’s working Thank God! I had a great surgeon in NYC and my recovery has been wonderful . Running felt as though I had cement boots on for the first 10 days or so but slowly my thighs and gluteus are being ‘awakened’ and are contributing to the uptake of power required to kick into gear and not leave it to my weakened knees.
    thanks again
    David G

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