Best diet for runners

Best Diet for Runners – A Healthy Guideline to Follow Any Level

The best diet for runners is a fabulous thing to follow in order to make a personal record on race. You need to maintain a healthy diet throughout your training season to perform the best. A few days ago, it found in a Nutrition Journal the nutrient dense diet not only lessens the experience of hunger but also as effective, as improve your health and weight loss too. Nonetheless, your diet phase should be low in calories and high in nutrients.

Best Diet for Runners – Basic Diet Guideline

To get the best diet as a recovery or on a daily basis you can try the following guideline –

You’ll Need Protein

Skim milk considered as an ideal post-exercise muscle recovery food for runners. In this addition, skim milk has a balanced amount of proteins and fast acting carbohydrates. When runners consume carbs and proteins altogether their muscle glycogen stores and muscle tissues repaired faster after completion of a workout. In this regard, a research of Indiana University showed a chocolate flavored skim milk performs as a recovery supplement if it takes after an exercise.

Carbohydrates Should Be In Your Menu

Training for the marathon will not let you eat bowls of pasta at every meal. Yet its true runners and endurance athletes need carbohydrates to fuel their muscles. With this in mind, the perfect time for consuming carbohydrate is a few seconds before a training session.

Likewise, if you are going for an evening running you can eat a healthy bowl of spaghetti for lunch. At the same way for a post run, dinner salad with a few carbs and lots of protein will be okay as a recovery. Alongside you can eat a healthy bowl of pasta in the evening when you have a schedule for the morning, no problem at all.

Fluids Are Important

You can’t forget about fluids because proper hydration is a vital part of runner’s diet plan. In this case, a registered dietitian, Tara Gidus says your body will lose 2 percent of water during running. As for this, the water loss can affect your running performance and recovery.

In your everyday schedule drink a lot of water, carry a water bottle all the time. For example, if your training runs are longer than 60 minutes then drink 4 to 8 ounces of water at every 15 to 20 minutes. In effect, plenty of fluid should include in the best diet for runners, don’t forget.

A Basic Nutritional Diet for Runners

If you still aren’t recommended by any special diet then you can go for this basic diet plan. You can note it down for your daily diet routine,

  • You’ll need bread and cereals (Recommended serves- 6)
  • Fruits and vegetables (As recommended 2 fruits and 3 vegetables)
  • Direct milk or milk substitutes (Recommended serves – 2)
  • Meat related food (Recommended serves- 1)
  • Fluids ( recommended for 8 cups or more than this)

If you ask for the best diet for runners this is the basic guideline. If possible, you can add some wild salmon, cherries, oatmeal in your diet list to make a proper balance.


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