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Lobster Sports Elite 3 Portable Tennis Ball Machine Buying Guide

All the great facility in a small package and price, the Elite 3 portable tennis ball machine could be your ideal game partner. Super speed, maximum ball capacity, random oscillations and many other advanced features make this model of Lobster an outstanding device. Besides, the machine offers you a sleek, advanced control panel to set up menu, control the speed, spin, and oscillations. You can consider this ball machine your tennis coach, partner or a real companion.

In here, you are about to know all the necessary details about elite 3 portable tennis ball machines.

All the Major Features of Lobster Sports Elite 3

All the major features of the Lobster Sports Elite 3 portable tennis ball machine given are below.

Play with speed!

The Elite 3 portable tennis ball machine comes with a high-speed range of throw the balls. You can speed up the range up to 80 miles per hour. This level of range could be difficult for an advance player. So you can imagine what will happen to the primarily level of players. You can set the speed low to high gradually. Using of high-speed facility you can challenge your ability to react sudden attack of balls. Also how to response on top and backspin balls instantly. That’s how your action becomes much batter and you can compete with any other well tennis players.

Challenge yourself

Challenge you, your ability, and your determination with the ball machine. With elite 3 you will able to warm up forehand and backhand, as you do that with your partner. Moreover, with its triple oscillation you can challenge your footwork and reaction time again and again.

Random Oscillation

The machine allows random oscillation for an advanced level of playing- horizontal, vertical and the combination both. So you can practice with more variations.

Easy to transport

It’s also important to a machine to being portable. That is why Lobster Sports elite 3 come with easy portability. Its ergonomic design and oversized wheels you can easily move the machine anywhere, even the hopper is full with 150 tennis ball. Also, its big handle helps you to move or push the 40 lbs machine from home to the garage, garage to car and car to court.

Other options

The ball machine comes with a basic 1 amp charge for the battery charging. There is another fast 3 amp charger, a remote control, external storage battery and battery cover available as an optional choice. These can extend your court time and shortened the charging period. You can buy other accessories from the Lobster.


  • Specially designed for maximum durability.
  • Easy to transport with its oversized wheel.
  • Battery powered machine.
  • Court time- once charged 4 to 8 hrs.
  • Elevation electronic 0 to 50 degree.
  • Maximum ball capacity- 150.
  • Random oscillation- Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal & Vertical.
  • Ball feed speed- 20 to 80 mph.
  • Ball feed rate- 2 to 10 seconds.
  • Included with a basic charger.
  • Service warranty- 2 years.

What did Customers say about Lobster Sports Elite 3 tennis ball machine?

The Lobster Sports Elite 3 tennis ball machine got many reviews for its users. Some of them are given below. All those reviews are collected from

Craig W.F said, “Handy, dependable, and a solid tennis ball machine. After completing a full session with the machine we really impressed with its performances. The delivery was pretty quick too.”

Carlos Leon said, “No problem at all and I am happy with this excellent machine.”

AK said, “After using for a couple of months, it worked out well but I m not satisfied with the battery life. It did not work for as the advertisers said.”


  • Comes with excellent features which help you to work better on your game skill.
  • Affordable price compares than any other machine.
  • Easy to transport anywhere.
  • Maximum durable machine.


  • It takes more time for charging. Also, the court time actually doesn’t stand for 8 hrs.
  • The handle of the machine is not so smooth. It is bit hard when you will fold it.

Final Verdict

This machine is suitable for all type of player. Because of its portability, price, oscillation and other features, anyone can choose it for both indoor and outdoor tennis playing. So if you have all these options then you can choose the Lobster Sports Elite 3 tennis ball machine.

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