Lobster Sports Elite Grand V Limited Edition Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Grand V Limited Edition Portable Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Sports Elite Grand V limited edition portable tennis ball machine has many improved features, that makes its so cutting edge. You can customize its drill and programs in your own ways just like the elite grand V. But this one allows you to customize your own drills and programs more than eighteen different shoot locations. Imagine how many different things can be done with these options! You can set the shot location; ball feed rate, spin for each other shoot and so much more. You may not found any other match of this ball machine.

On the review article, you will found all the details about the Lobster Sports Elite Grand V limited edition. So, take a look.

All the Major Features of Lobster Sports Elite Grand V Limited Edition

All the important features about the Lobster Sports Elite Grand V limited edition portable tennis ball machine are given below.

Pre-programmed drills

The pre-program drills of this ball machine are incredibly helpful. It allows you to work on a different kind of shots on the court. Besides, it allows some more like, program drills to customizing tennis play. It works on volleys at the net, overheads to gaining consistency on the game.

The attack/defend drills

The machine can through balls in 35 to maximum 80 mph speed. The greater ball speed and the minimal spin making the player move corner in and out of the court. That’s how they learn to adjust of attacking the balls. This will help them to develop their skills. If you are a beginner then starts with the lowest level of speed. Normally a beginner should start with 20 mph ball speed. On this case, the machine is best suitable for intermediate and the advanced players. Normally, the 80 mph speed is also huge challenging for a professional player. So the average and high level of tennis player easily challenge themselves with this hi-tech portable machine.


This machine is very easy to move anywhere. When the hopper is inverted, the size of the machine looks like a suitcase. The machine is little heavy, around 44 lbs. But still it can lift by one man from the car trunk. Also, its oversize wheel allows you to move its anywhere you need.

Court timing

The elite V limited addition can perform continuously 4 to 8 hrs. If you use the regular charger then the charging period may long. On this case, use the premium charger.


  • Customizable drill and programs, more than 18 shot locations.
  • Pre- programmed drills- all courter, power baseliner, moonballer, grinder, slicer, lefty, forehand plus, attack/defend, approach, beginner, intermediate, advanced.
  • 3 line function with 3 versatile position settings- wide, medium and narrow.
  • Includes an additional 1 amp first charger.
  • Oscillations- random horizontal, random vertical, fully random, horizontal & vertical.
  • Topspin and back spin.
  • Ball speed- 35 to 80 mph.
  • Ball feed rate- 2 to 9 seconds.
  • Ball capacity- 150.
  • Court time- 4 to 8 hrs.
  • Service warranty- 2 years.
  • Optional accessories- 3 amp premium fast charger, storage cover, external battery pack 20 function consisting wireless grand remote control etc.

What did customers say about the Elite V limited edition

Many customers share their experience after using this product. Let’s see some of their reviews about the Elite V limited edition tennis ball machine.

Etevan, “Its pre- loaded drills are good for playing. I liked the remote facility of the machine too.”

Jt said, “Great features, great performance. Mostly it is the best tennis ball machine in the market.”

Arb said, “It’s a well-featured machine but if you need you can adjust the pre-programmed drills. You have to go for your own customizable drill if need. Sometimes it bothers. ”


  • Most advanced control panel for the menu, settings and control.
  • Easily adjustable ball spin, feed rate, and speed etc.
  • Easy to transport anywhere.
  • Wireless remote control facility.


  • It takes huge time to fully charge. You can use the premium charger or external battery to increase the court time.
  • Little expensive product.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this product could perform overall a good job as a portable tennis ball machine. It’s a huge option of pre-loaded and customizable drills will allow you to play the most advanced level of tennis. So if you want to play something unique, tough and adventitious then you can choose the Lobster Sports Elite V limited edition tennis ball machine.

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