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Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Sports Elite 1 portable tennis ball machine is a great battery operated tennis ball machine for fun and practice within affordable price. All the child or adult players who are fond of playing tennis can improve their skills with the machine. This machine able to run for a plenty time in court and provide you all the service you need. Usually, you found various kinds of ball machines in around $230 to $7800 where Lobster Sports Elite 1 can be found just in $1100 to $1200 price range.


In this review article, we will present you all the details about the products including features, overviews, advantages, disadvantages and the customer reviews. All the key information is picked up from Amazon website.

All the Major Features of Lobster Sports Elite 1

Here given below all the important feature of Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine. Let’s know all about this product of Lobster Sports Inc.

Oscillation & Speed Range

Lobster Sports Elite 1 offers horizontal random oscillation with 20 to 80 mph fire ball speed. This speed range is good enough for any type of tennis players including advanced player also. Beginners and intermediate level of player can easily adjust the speed and play tennis with this machine. So improving your playing skill this machine could be your perfect companion or couch.

Easy To Move Anywhere

The weight of the Lobster Sports Elite 1 is around 42 lbs or 19 kg which is pretty enough for an average size tennis ball machine. It could be easily moved or transfer anywhere just by yourself. Also, it includes an oversize wheel and a holder for easy movement. So this can easily move even the hopper is full with the tennis balls as the empty machine could.

Ball Capacity

Unlike others, Lobster Sports Elite 1 comes with huge ball capacity. Where normal tennis ball machine offers you 50 to 100 balls at a time in the hopper, Lobster Sports Elite 1 offers you 150 balls. This amount is good enough to play tennis on clubs or camps tennis both singular and multiple players.

Reachable Battery Operated Machine

Lobster well doing on the provided battery operated tennis ball machine and surely this version also comes with rechargeable battery operating. You will get full 8 hrs long service from this machine within one full charge. Usually, basic chargers are including with the machine. It requires plenty of time to getting fully charged. For that reason, you can also purchase its fast of premium charges for getting a high charge in minimal time.


Most of the tennis ball machine offers 20 to 30-degree angles for firing balls. But Lobsters Sports Elite 1 offers 0 to 60 degree for hitting the loose. The elevation is an important factor for any tennis ball machine. And surely Lobster full maintains this for better performance, though.

Overview of Elite 1 Tennis Ball Machine

  • Easy to move anywhere
  • Low maintenance requires
  • Charge can run around 4 to 8 hrs
  • Ball speed range 20 to 80 mph
  • Elevation angles 0 to 60 degree
  • Random horizontal oscillation
  • Very light-weight camper then other tennis ball machine
  • Affordable price
  • Basic battery charger included
  • Also offers some optional accessories like remote control, premium charger, external battery pack, fast charger and a storage cover

What Did Customers Say about Lobster Sports Elite 1

After analyzing all the reviews share about Lobster Sports Elite 1, we have selected both positive and negative reviews from Amazon customer review page. Let’s know what they would shred.

Scott k said, “This machine helps me to develop my game strokes within a short time. All I can say it’s an excellent machine to teach and develop you strokes, spin control and shot styles. I am very happy with this product and the purchase though.”

Also another review says, “It can help you to make drills and improve your game. You can easily control the speed, elevation and spin manually as you want. The battery stays as the advertisement demanded”. By Andy FL.

Some opposite comments also found like this one. Which said, “I think it as a reliable machine and its entire features and charging condition is fine but I wish it could be more stable.” By Joseph Hwang


  • Helps to improve your playing skills
  • Low maintains cost and time require
  • Affordable price
  • Maximum durability
  • Improve level of speed control and elevation features
  • Maximum ball capacity
  • Fast balls fire up feature etc


  • Take much time for charging
  • Create noises when it switches on

Final Verdict

This tennis ball machine is best for starter or medium level of the tennis player. Advanced level of players also found it useful. All of its features, working capacity and smart ergonomic design are made for providing the best ever service for all in reasonable price. This tennis ball machine also very durable and require low maintenance though on all those factors, Lobster Sports Elite 1 tennis ball machine is definitely a perfect choice for any tennis lovers.

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