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Lobster Sports Elite Grand IV Portable Tennis Ball Machine buying guide

Another model of Lobster, which great for its portability, random oscillations computerize touch panel and so on. The Lobster Sports Elite Grand IV portable tennis ball machine is created for playing advanced level of tennis. This battery operated machine is perfect for improving your game and physical fitness. Lobster always reputed for making quality machines. And this model definitely worth the fame.

In this review article, we will show you all the details about the products. All the information of Elite Grand IV is taken from Amazon and other user experience.

All the Major Features of Lobster Sports Elite Grand IV

We are going to give below all the details about major and important features of the Lobster Sports Elite Grand IV portable tennis ball machine.

Random Sweep

The tennis ball machine has random sweep options. Both vertical and horizontal oscillate back and forth on horizontal mode. This option will help you to practice your running and footwork. The tennis ball machine will randomly spin left and right. Moreover, it’s vertical oscillation feature and shoots balls in line but at the different depth. The depth variations are noticeable and accurate. Those people want to practice forward movement; this feature will help them better.

Random Oscillation

Another excellent feature of this tennis ball machine. When you play, the balls are highly varied and there is no time for guessing. It continuously throws the balls and covers court, the net. You can set the interval time of hitting balls. Furthermore, it is the best options for beginners or intermediate level of player for improving their skills.

The 3-line feature

The 3-line feature is narrow, medium and wide placements. Moreover, you can choose midcourt or deep court placement too. From this 3-line, a coach can have some benefit like feed alternating balls to 2/3 different players at a time. In the single courts, these are hits accurately.

Easy Portability

The tennis ball machine is easy to move. Like the other Lobster machines, it has two oversize wheels and holder as a mover. So whenever you need, you can transfer it anywhere without the help of others. From home to parking, parking to the tennis court, shift it where you wish.


The Elite IV tennis ball machine includes three drill programs. Such as, grinder, baseline, and all-court. All they are a drill to practice your strategy and movement.

Other Features

It’s a built quality product. Its hard plastic casing is solid and bears any dropping mishaps. The hopper is also stable and feeds almost balls. Also, its hi-tech control panel will make easier your play of actions.


  • Battery operated portable machine.
  • Full random oscillation- shot high, loopy, moderate spin shots.
  • Random horizontal and vertical oscillation.
  • Play with pace, aggression and minimal spin.
  • Use of Machine sophisticated computerized software.
  • 3 pre-programmed 6 shot drills.
  • Control panel and optional wireless remote control.
  • Equipped with the most extensive 3-Line function- Narrow, Medium, and Wide.
  • Lexan control utilizes touch-buttons.
  • A digital LCD screen for all the settings.
  • Incredibly user-friendly.
  • Competitive price.
  • Low maintenance requires.

Customers Reviews

After seeing all the reviews about the Lobster Sports Elite IV, we have selected some here for you. Let’s see what the customer said about this product.

Bon said, “After using, I fall in love with this machine. It’s definitely worth for any tennis player.”

Bryan said, “I think it’s a great investment to improve your skill. This machine has executed the right set of feature and utility.”

Leeann said, “Great tennis ball machine but the remote could be better more.”


  • Its multifunction helps you to improve gaming skill.
  • Optional remote control is another great service to use.
  • Affordable price compare than other hi-tech tennis ball machine.
  • Instead of dials, knobs, and switches Lexan control panel utilizes touch-buttons. So your switch and game controlling will more hassle-free and time-saving.


  • Each time you turn on the machine, it takes 5 to 7 seconds to boot-up.
  • Make noise when oscillating.

Final Verdict

Overall, it is a great tennis ball machine. Its portability, drill and full random oscillation feature make it more useful. Its spin variation and extra drill immediately impresses any players. People may find others tennis ball machine well, but this one is worth the additional cost for advanced playing. For all these reasons, the Lobster Sports Elite IV tennis ball machine wills defiantly a wise choice for all the tennis players.

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