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Lobster Sports Elite Grand V Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Elite Grand V, one of the technologically advanced portable tennis ball machine. The Lobster Sports Elite Grand V portable tennis ball machine offers you customizable and ergonomic drills. For each shoot, you can select from one of six ball locations on the court. For this reason, this ball machine can serve you well while it’s a matter of improving game skills.

In here, you will get all the details about the Lobster Sports Elite Grand V like its features, advantage disadvantages etc. and much more.

All the Major Features of Lobster Sports Elite Grand V

All the important features about the Elite Grand V portable tennis ball machine given are below.

Functions boast

It may seem I am overwhelmed after seeing the Lobster Sports elite grand V. But the truth is, you will also impress with its 12 pre-loaded drills, compare any other tennis ball machine. The random oscillation, ball speed, spin, feed rate and many other functions are great to develop the performance a player. Also, its huge ball spin and feed rate timing can beat any tennis player even the advanced players too.

Customizable drills

The Lobster Sports Elite grand V offers you fully customizable drills. So you can program ball speed, spin, and feed rate, the shot sequences and much more. Like others, you are not bound to follow few drills which are pre-programmed to your machine. So be free and light when set your game functions and challenge you with the advanced level of games.

Control panel

The tennis ball machine comes with a revolutionary control with the amazing user-friendly facility. Its “Lexan” control panel gives you the ultimate freedom from the hassle of the switch, dial, and knobs. Its digital LCD screen allows you to see all the menu setting and function more vividly. You can set the menu, go for its setting just but touching its screen.

Improve your game skills

If you are a primary level of player then you can take the advantages of elite grand V. Yes it can help you to improve your level. By adjusting the ball speed and spin you can practice again and again to make your performance batter. Moreover, its pre-programmed drills making the player move in and out of the corner and across the corner. A player doesn’t normally perform this intentionally, but this action is great to learn strategies.


It comes with some additional accessories like, a fast charger, functional warless remote control, charger storage cover etc. you will get 1 amp fast charger with the machine. With this one, you can get around 8hrs of the machine performance in court. But if you use the 3 amp premium charger the charging tie will be lower but the performance duration will high. Moreover, for an extended period of charging get the external battery pack. This entire premium charger, external battery pack, and the storage cover can separately purchase from the manufacturer.


  • Random oscillations- horizontal, vertical.
  • Top and back spin.
  • 2-line function- narrow, medium, wide.
  • Ball speed- 35 to 80 mph.
  • Elevation 0 to 60 degree.
  • Ball feed rate- 2-9 seconds.
  • Capacity- 150 ball.
  • Court time 4 to 8 hrs.
  • A fast charger included.
  • Service warranty- 2 years.

Customers Reviews

Have a look, what did customers said about the Lobster Sports Elite V.

Lady Gaga said, “This machine is much superior to my previous tennis ball machine. I am impressed with all of its performance.”

Manduca said, “My machine runs incredibly good. It is improving my gaming level too. I’d like to add here, their customer service was good and I have received the product without any hassle.”

Also, Hao N. Le said, “I have been using the machine for few months. All the function was good except the elevation control


  • This tennis ball machine offers casual ball spin, speed, and feed rate, which will take your game in a new level. Optional remote control is another great service to use.
  • Its customizable features, and other facility will help you to improve your game skills.
  • Cool control panel and easy to transport anywhere.


  • Short charging time.
  • Little pricey.

Final Verdict

Overall, this version of Lobster will provide you a great service as you need. Its customizable functions and other performance are suitable for all level of players. So, Lobster Sports Elite V tennis ball machine suits best as your tennis partner.

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