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Health Tips #4: 5 foods that will relieve the pain


5 foods that will relieve the pain
5 foods that will relieve the pain

1. Ginger –
Ginger can remove abdominal pain as well as pain of the body. According to a recent research, people who ate a ginger capsules everyday their muscle pain has been reduced to 25% in 11 days. According to another research, ginger injection is used to cure knee pain. Place a piece of ginger in the daily diet. If you want, you can also drink ginger tea.
2. Coffee –
According to research, regular drinking of 200 milligrams of caffeine may reduce headache even migraine pain. However, for a long time, it does not give good results. According to another research, coffee is remove exercise-induced pain.
3. Cherry –
Due to uric acid, feet and ankles are swelling and pain. Cherry fruit is much more effective in reducing all of this kind of pain or rheumatoid arthritis. Cherry has anti inflammatory and antioxidant elements that relieve pain of body.
4. Garlic –
Garlic has anti-inflammatory element to reduce pain. A piece of garlic peel mixed with olive oil and heat it. Then apply on joint pain. After sometime, the pain has been reduced.
5. Turmeric –
Turmeric helps prevent body inflammation and reduce pain. It works also as a cancer preventive.

These foods are known worldwide as a pain preventive. There are also some foods, such as pineapple, green tea, Oats, orange, etc., to relieve pain.

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