Health Tips #3: 20 reasons to eat more apples


20 reasons to eat more apples

20 reasons to eat more apples

1. Reduce bad cholesterol
2. Prevent alzheimer’s disease
3. Decreases risk of diabetes
4. Increase body endurance
5. Protects against colon cancer
6. Boosts your immune system
7. Prevents cataracts
8. Great for radiant skin
9. Protects the heart
10. Offers whiter, healthier teeth
11. Reduces risk of asthma
12. Protects against parkinson’s
13. Controls high blood pressure
14. Improve weight loss
15. Flavonoids fight cancer
16. Protects the bones
17. Good for your brain
18. Prevent gallstones
19. Neutralize irritable bowel syndrome
20. Treats anemia


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