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6 Ways You Can Get A Flatter Stomach Without Exercise

Most of the women dream of having a flat stomach. It is the dilemma of every other woman, whether she is a housewife, a student, or a working woman. A bloated stomach hits everyone with multiple reasons. The first and biggest cause is an imbalanced diet. When our diet is not healthy, or there is no consistency, our stomach gets bloated. Moms also want to get their tummies tucked in, but they need a proper route and some conviction. Hence, every other woman is struggling in this arena. Getting a flat stomach is very much possible, and there are many ways to achieve that. One of the biggest and most sought out ways is exercise. It burns the calories and tones the body. However, everyone can not go to a gym or does not wish to go there. Exercising can seem impossible for some because of their tight schedules. For such people, a flat stomach is still possible. A balanced diet and an exercise routine can also help you get flat abs. Here are some tips for you to achieve your dreams.
1. No Stress
If you are stressed about getting a flat belly, it will not help but only make it worse, as, during stress, your body produces stress hormones. These hormones affect your digestive system directly, and that leads to bloating and constipation. A stressed body also produces more cortisol that naturally adds an additional fatty layer at your waistline in order to protect the vital organs. Try to get enough sleep that is, seven hours each day at least. Indulge in activities that are relaxing. Massages are associates with relieving stress, and as that is one reason of a bloated stomach. Reduce your stress by doing yoga or getting massages. If you cannot get one by someone else, bring the massage chair to your home, literally. You just need a good massage chair, and you will feel relaxed and stress-free during and after the sessions.
2. Eat Right
Eating right can do wonders! You will not realize how many problems can be solved if we can just get a balanced diet. The first step you should take is completely cutting down on all processed and instant foods. You may not know it, but these are toxic for your health. The preservatives and extra high content of salt in these items induce instant bloating. The next step is to start eating fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and have high water content, which means saying goodbye to constipation, which is another cause of stomach bloating. The fiber helps in digestion, and you will shed some pounds off that tummy. Fruits and veggies have high water content, minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Some of the negative calorie foods include watermelon, lettuce, broccoli, tomato, celery, yogurt, fish, grapefruit, chicken, turkey, chilies, apple, orange, cucumber, and asparagus. All these food are not only healthy, but they are also tasty. Try making salads with these food items and cook amazing meals using them all so you can detox yourself.
3. No Artificial Sweeteners
As already mentioned processed food has to be cut down, and that includes artificial sweeteners. Your body cannot break down artificial sweaters e easily, and this causes gas which then leads to bloating. You should limit your artificial sweeteners and start avoiding diet sodas, sugarless gums, or any sugar-free foods (they might not be sugar-free in reality). Artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol, and sugar alcohols are what you need to start avoiding as soon as you can. Every time you drink a processed/packaged fruit juice, you take in more calories as compared to if you had only eaten the fruit, which is not a good deal for you. The packaged juices may claim that they are of real fruit juices, but do not be fooled, they contain high amounts of flavor, sugar, and color. You can eat things that do not contain as many sweeteners.
4. Eat Slowly

Stop rushing your meals and sit down and eat them with peace. Relax and focus on the food you are eating. Chewing food is also really essential. It is something that we do out of habit, without realizing its value. Sometimes, we do not chew properly, and that can be a problem. Food must be chewed at least eleven times before swallowing. When food is not chewed well, the body has to work extra hard to break it down in the stomach. The result is gas, bloating, and indigestion. Eating with a closed mouth and slowly will reduce the amount of air that can otherwise get trapped in your stomach. Try chewing more so calories can be reduced.

5. Drink Water
Water is necessary for the same reason fruits are: hydration. Drinking water, at least eight glasses every day, hydrates you and removes any unwanted toxins. This ultimately helps in shedding those extra pounds in the midsection of the body. Make a habit of Drinking water before the meals and do not drink water right after you have had lunch/dinner, wait for some time. When you do not drink water, your body retains some water, which makes you look fat. Drinking water will avoid any stomach bloating and will aid in digestion, relieving constipation and gas. When we say water, we mean water and not any liquid you can get your hands on, and that includes alcohol. Alcohol messes up the body system and causes bloating. While you are drinking water, do not drink too much of it because an excess of anything is harmful.
6. Eat Portioned Meals
Small and frequent meals are the best. Smaller plates can make small portions look big, so start using that trick. The best way you can eat for a flat belly is to eat a portion-controlled meal which has whole-grain foods and monounsaturated fats for your sustenance through the day.
You cannot get a flat stomach in a day, so be patient and work for it every day.

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