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Benefits of Drinking More Water for Seniors

The body contains up to 70 percent of water content, the reason it is necessary for seniors to drink an abundant amount of water. Here are a few amazing benefits of drinking water shared by McKinney and Allen home care experts for seniors.

Benefits of Drinking More Water for Seniors

Eases Joint Pain

Drinking adequate amount of water every day may ease joint pain in seniors who have arthritis or osteoporosis. The muscles may loosen or soften up when they are hydrated. The reason seniors should drink more water as the cartilage around the joints of the body stays hydrated.

Enhances Physical Performance

Staying hydrated may boost the physical performance of seniors. While exercising or even walking outside, it is important for seniors to drink more water to prevent dizziness. Losing up to 2 percent water content of the body may lead to dehydration, which increases muscle fatigue and reduces body strength.

Affects Energy Levels and Brain Functions

According to research mild dehydration in seniors may be harmful and can negatively impact seniors. To ensure mental alertness, drinking more water is necessary. Dehydration in senior women may lead to frequent headaches, mood changes, and low concentration levels.

Prevents Headache

Severe migraines and headaches can be triggered by dehydration in some seniors. Studies show drinking water may relieve headaches or reduce the intensity of it. Tension headaches may trigger due to muscle fatigue which is a side effect of dehydration.

Relieves Constipation

Constipation is common among seniors which cause recurrent bowel movements and facing trouble passing stool. Enhancing water intake may relieve constipation, especially in seniors who don’t drink enough water.

Lowers the Risk of Kidney Stones

Urinary stones are developed in the urinary system in which small mineral crystals are causing immense pain. The common form of urinary stones is formed in the kidney known as kidney stones. In some kidney stone cases, increasing water content may prevent recurrence if seniors have previously had a kidney stone.

Relaxes Hangovers or Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and hangover are unpleasant feelings which can be prevented y drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water. Seniors with morning anxiety or stress may feel relieved by drinking water as soon as they wake up in the morning. Drinking several glasses of water in the morning may flush out harmful toxins from the body.

Helps in Weight Loss

Drinking more water may help seniors lose excess weight naturally. To enhance metabolism rate, it is better for seniors to drink more water. Drinking more than 8 glasses of water every day may enhance the metabolic rate and helps seniors to lose excess weight.

Enhances Mood and Cognition

A study showed that the fluid loss of just 1.36 percent in women can cause a declined mood and concentration, which make them feel daily activities are more difficult and also led them to experience severe headaches. The same study on men found that dehydration can lead to a lowered vigilance and working memory.

If a senior stays dehydrated consistently, he or she may have a negative impact on brain functions, like reasoning, planning, and visuospatial processing – the ability to distinguish between their spatial relationships and objects.

Keeps Heart Healthy

Heart is one of the most important organs, as it supplies blood and oxygen to all the other parts of the body, so it needs to be in a healthy condition. According to the American Heart Association, getting proper hydration is crucial for healthy heart. Drinking enough fluids can help the heart pump blood to the muscles.

The association also recommends that people over the age of 50, with a heart condition, or who are obese, should be extra cautious about their fluid intake.

Helping Senior’s to Drink More Water

Dehydration is a serious and common problem among seniors. They may not feel thirsty due to the side-effects of some medications or some age-related health issues. The best way is to prevent it from happening, but it requires time and constantly watching over your senior loved one. This may be a frustrating mission for caregivers, but the following are some creative ideas to help seniors drink more water.

  1. Try Different Sources of Fluids

Seniors may feel tired of drinking only plain water all the time to stay hydrated. Fresh fruit juice, herbal tea, coffee, sweetened beverages, and water-rich fruits and vegetables can help in hydration.

  1. Keep Water Easily Accessible

Making it easier for older adults to serve themselves water can encourage them to drink more fluids. Try keeping a lightweight jug or bottle of water and a cup near their bed and favorite set in the home.

  1. Serve Different Beverages

Some seniors prefer hot drinks and other prefer cold, or another way around. You can experiment on the temperatures of beverages to find out which type your loved one likes better. Try making decaf iced coffee with cream, warming up juices, or simply adding soda water to make beverages bubbly.

  1. Serve Milkshakes, Smoothies, and Sports Drinks

Some seniors are quite reluctant to drink fluids. You can try enticing your loved one with smoothies, nutritional shakes, milkshakes, or sports drinks. Sometimes, all your loved one needs is a new flavor to try.

  1. Make Popsicles

Try making homemade popsicles from fruit juice or a mix of different juices and water to serve as a great summer treat. It is a great way to get your loved one to get fluids.

These are just a few ideas to encourage senior more water. Being creative and armed with a variety of ideas, in this case, can be helpful if your loved one’s preferences change.

Be knowledgeable about your loved one’s health issues and check with his or her doctor if you have any concerns. For example, if your loved one has high blood pressure, avoid giving him or her high sodium drinks, milkshakes if he or she is obese and has high cholesterol, and sweetened drinks if diabetic.

Caring for an older adult can be exhausting for family caregivers. Seniors can live a healthy and independent life at home with the help of professional home care. McKinney and Allen families can live comfortably after hiring an in-home caregiver knowing their senior loved one is in safe hands.

Author: Ilean Jane works as a content writer at Home Care Assistance of McKinney and Allen. She is a fun and adventure loving person and believes that life is all about positivity and helping others find positivity. This the reason she mostly writes about how people can manage the challenges of life at any stage of life.

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