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Test for firmness to know whether your mattress affect your health

Your bed is a place where you usually spend one-third of the time of your life. That means you will need to be comfortable and tempting to crash on. There is nothing worse than a hard, lumpy or an over a soft bed as that will make you creak your way during the day and toss and turn on your bed at night. Add to that, the ache and pain in your back and neck. Therefore to avoid these situations as well as prevent any other health issues, a right mattress is everything.

To make sure that you choose the right one according to your need and compare mattress brands to make a difference between a perfect mattress and an average one, you must check on the firmness of the mattress.

Such knowledge will also help you to take care of your mattress so that you prevent spending money unnecessarily on frequent replacements.

Firm or soft

You may wonder whether you should buy a firmer mattress or choose a softer one for your back health. However, the answer will depend on a few factors:

Usually, your spine has an “S” shape and needs to retain it at all times when you sleep to eliminate chances of any pain. This is supported and ensured by the mattress. If it cannot provide the right support then it will result in strains, aches, pains and cause disrupted sleep.

  • A hard mattress will cause excessive strain on your lower back.
  • A soft mattress, on the other hand, will cause natural curves of the spine to sag thereby causing strain on the joints of the spine.

Therefore, consider your spine conditions and then make the choice accordingly.

  • If you have a moderately stiff spine and lack natural mobility, you must choose a softer mattress so that it molds better with your body helping you to feel more comfortable.
  • On the other hand, if you are quite mobile you must choose a reasonably firm mattress.
  • If your spine bends easily relatively you may use a harder mattress to prevent your spine from sagging.

However, if you are absolutely unaware of the condition of your spine, it is always better that you choose a mattress that is medium-firm.

Testing the mattress

You are always requested to test your mattress but the question is how you can test whether the mattress is best for you.

Follow these steps for testing a mattress:

  • First, lie on it in your favorite sleeping position
  • Place your head on a pillow
  • Move your hand to your neck
  • Observe the shape of the cervical spine
  • Place your hand on your lower back and
  • Feel the shape of your lower spine.

If you see that in all of the above steps the natural ‘S’ shape of your spins is maintained then you have found the right mattress that will work for you.

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