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Getting over the deadly hangover is now a matter of a few minutes

A presentation awaits you in the next few hours, but your concentration is going all haywire because of the constant stabbing hangover? Remembering how one more bottle of beer turned into ten more bottles of beer won’t help. What will help is a quick fix to the hangover problem? A hangover drip through IV Therapy.

IV therapy is the newest trend in the healthcare block. Intravenous therapy (or IV therapy) is the quickest and the fastest way to give nutrients to our body. The nutrients are in a fluid state and are directly administered to our bloodstream through syringes.

When you consume medicines orally it takes time to act. The vitamins and minerals and the nutrients first need to dissolve itself in the bloodstream. Then slowly our body absorbs the nutrition. But in the case of IV Therapy, the nutrients flow directly into our bloodstream bypassing the digestive system, which leads to faster absorption.

IV therapy helps treat acute and chronic health issues, prevent illness or bring back the lively and vibrant you back to life. The IV Drip is nothing intricate but, a mixture of nutrients and antioxidants. The whole procedure takes about fifteen to twenty minutes, and one can feel the results almost instantly. The dosage of the mixture is always as per the requirements of the patient.

The fastest magical elixir

In case of administering nutrients through IV,it allows bypassing the digestive system and gets directly into our blood which is running down our veins. It gives a rapid and fruitful result. Hence, the treatment is spilling out benefits and benefits only.

This therapy guarantees the administration of the vitamins and nutrients. IV therapy ensures the swift absorption of the administering nutrients. The body almost instantly starts utilizing the receiving nutrients.

IV therapy instantly boosts the energy of the recipient. Chronic fatigue, anxiety, depressions or some cold flu and the common cold, this therapy helps in increasing the immunity level; hence the receiver feels refreshing and full of energy. This instantly uplifts the mood.

Harsh sweaty summers cause dehydration in most of us. This therapy is the most fruitful way to rehydrate self. That in turn, helps in preventing kidney stones, damage to muscles and constipation. The ultimate goal is achieving optimum hydration instantly to support all the vital organs. As the body feels hydrated, the organs start functioning normally.

One of the other plus points is, it reduces the co-dependency of pills. After taking the customized IV drips it instantly works the patient. The patient is calm and rejuvenated. A healthy mind needs no pills. So there is no need for popping pills several times a day.

Lifestyle physicians provide customized IV drips which include the nutritional needs of the patient. The treatment is faster than any other treatment. Here the patient can sit, lie down or relax comfortably for an hour, and the procedure is over. No pain, no itching or any other thing. Just the relaxation mode on.

The system also flushes out the environmental toxins. The hazardous toxins keep accumulating in our body day by day and this is dangerous. But with IV Therapy, the toxins flush out of our system and detoxifies the body. The pumped-up dosage of the antioxidants helps in fighting the premature signs of aging.

This particular therapy is very effective for athletes. The athletes can opt for treatment before or after their game. In both scenarios, the treatment is equally effective. IV Therapy instantly recharges the body of the lost nutrients and vitamins; the body quenches its thirst of the lost minerals. This regime progresses the recovery time after practice.

Depending on the IV combination, it may take up to 48-72 hours for our body to absorb the nutrients and minerals. But as the vitamins are directly pushed into our veins, the absorption is also instant. One can instantly feel the treatment working. It hardly takes a few hours to feel the effects of the treatment entirely.

Finally nailing the pin; IV Therapy is gaining its popularity in the preventive healthcare department. Following a regular regime of IV therapy has proven to help prevent chronic respiratory diseases, migraine,and other chronic conditions. The administering dosage of Vitamin C has a toxic effect on cancerous cells in the initial stages.

Now the part where we discuss the side effects of a procedure

That was one hell of a power pack dose of benefits. Now let’s get to the part where we discuss all the side effects of the treatment. But wait, what’s there to discuss when there is none. Yes,this new innovative therapy has no side effects. A little bruising at the site of insertion of the syringe or a slight headache is no side effect. The headache is because of our bodies relieving the toxins out.

This therapy is gaining popularity like selling hot pancake because of the wonderful benefits and minus the side effects. So that hangover story can become a tale to tell another day after a session of IV Therapy- Featured On The Morning Scramble/ Phoenix, AZ.

Before booking an appointment

Always look out for a licensed practicing doctor in the clinic where IV Therapy is undergoing. The nurse should also have a license and enough experience to handle the drips and syringes correctly. Also, it is important to inform the attending doctor if one is undergoing any specific medications.

The IV Therapies are fruitful in the restoration of the human bodies. There are various types of concoctions based on the needs of every other individual. The most common being

  • Chelation Therapy.
  • Dehydration.
  • Hangover.
  • Cleansing the liver.
  • Nutrition and vitamins.
  • Meyers cocktail.

One can get customized therapies according to the requirement.  The doctor decides upon the dosage, and the frequency of the IV drips after taking a detailed history of the medications and illness of the patient.

The attending nurse and well-experienced doctors handle all the required measures and precautions before the treatment to avoid any wrong outputs.

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