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5 Tips for a Healthier Smile

The smile is your powerful asset. It adds weight to your personality. People who smile more often, or those who have a good smile, tend to score well on social indices. They are also considered friendly and easy to approach. With so much to gain from smile, it would be a mistake not to make it better and get its healthier. To do that, you must focus on making your teeth healthier as without the one, second is not possible. Only brighter, stain-free and whiter teeth could lead to a healthier smile, so don’t ignore your oral hygiene ever.

Some of these tips can help you achieve a healthier smile –

1. Brush Your Teeth Baily

If you want healthier smile leading to healthier smile, brush your teeth daily. Do it twice a day, once in the morning and then before going to bed. When you brush gently and thoroughly, it helps remove all the bacteria, plaque and food particles that dilute the natural shine of the teeth and cause various dental issues. Make sure you brush the teeth using soft-bristled toothbrush so that there is less erosion and better cleaning of your teeth.

2. Floss and Clean Your Tongue Regularly

If you want your teeth to remain plaque and bacteria-free, floss them daily immediately after brushing. Your toothbrush bristles can’t clean between the teeth as the only floss can reach between them and clean out things stuck there. Similarly, you must clean the tongue daily because your tongue surface has the most bacteria which if not cleaned, can harm the body in different ways. Tongue cleaning also saves you from the problem of bad breath.

3. Avoid Sugary & Acidic Foods and Drinks

If you want healthier teeth, limit the intake of sugary foods and drinks. They are extremely harmful to your teeth and they help in the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Anything with high sugar content be it soft drinks, chocolates, candies, sugary drinks, sports juices etc. can cause cavities and even lead to tooth decay. Similarly, acidic items including tea, coffee, alcohol too are bad for the health of your teeth and they must be avoided most of the time.

4. Stay Away from Tobacco

Only good oral habits can ensure healthier teeth and healthier smile. People who smoke or use tobacco products are at greater risk for oral problems including bad breath, dry mouth, tooth decay and oral cancer as well. The ingredients and harmful chemicals and additives used in tobacco products can ruin the natural beauty of your teeth and affect your smile greatly. So, ditch this bad habit and achieve the perfect smile easily.

5. Consult the Dentist Regularly

No matter how much oral care your take, a dentist appointment is still essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The dentist can do an oral check-up, cleaning and confirm to you about any problem developing in the mouth. More importantly, the dentist can spot any dental issue at an early stage so that it does not grow and cause bigger health scars in the future.

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