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Pilates Can Provide Relief From Painful Sciatic Conditions

Pain management by exercising is a viable option for those who know about the effectiveness of Pilates in relieving back pain and sciatic pain.  The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve of the body that provides most of the motor and sensory activities of the body related to the lower parts or extremities. When the sciatic nerve encounters any obstruction, irritation or restriction due to some injury, it causes a painful condition called sciatica.

The sciatic nerve has its roots in the vertebrae in the hip and lower back area and then travels within the pelvis only to come out through the sciatic notch which is a small hollow in the pelvis. It then runs through the buttocks, then passing under a small muscle named piriformis and then stretches behind the knee to the back of the leg. It then splits and winds through the calf and then along the top and bottom of the foot.   As a result, when you experience pain or numbness that moves down the leg and extends up to the foot ending in the web between the big toe and second toe it is a classical sign of sciatica problem.

Sciatica Causes

When the sciatic nerve or its root experiences undue pressure it results in an irritating condition called sciatica. Problems with the disc on the vertebrae can be a reason for putting too much pressure on the sciatic nerve, and even if you fall on your back and suffer an injury, it can strain the nerve and cause pain that can even turn chronic. The pressure creates a trauma that makes the nerve swell at places that result in pain. Neural tension is another reason for sciatic pain which happens when the sheath-like cover of the nerve pinches on the nerve and restricts it thereby generating pain.

Sciatic effects

Sciatic conditions are extremely uncomfortable that not only causes pain, but numbness, weakness, tingling and burning sensation also accompanies it. Depending on the extent of pressure on the sciatic nerve, the pain can range from moderate to unbearable.

Find relief with pilates

Those suffering from sciatica would do good to start pilate exercises that help to recover from the painful condition and lead a normal life once again. By looking up at the website, you can locate a pilates studio that offers proprietary back exercise solutions for providing remedy from lower back pain, sciatica, and other similar conditions. The certified trainers are thorough in their understanding of the pain condition, can pinpoint the affected part of the nerve and suggest appropriate exercises by taking enough precaution to ensure that there is no further irritation of the nerve. The exercises involve gentle movement without any over stretching so that it does not cause any additional stress.

The chosen exercises are just meant to provide pain relief and differ from classical pilates that could be strenuous for the muscles and nerves. Even if you want to do some pre-pilates exercise at home, make sure that you get guidance from qualified trainers only.

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