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How to lose weight in three weeks – How I did it!

Hey,I am Alex and here i share my experience about weight lose. If you’re on how to lose weight in three weeks, then I’m glad you’ve found this post and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

This is our uncensored story of how to lose weight in three weeks: The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally the one thing that did help us achieve our personal goal of losing weight fast.

How to lose weight in three weeks – How I did it!

The story starts after my girlfriend’s birthday, two years ago. A friend of us sent to our mail the pictures she to took that day. When we both saw ourselves on that pictures she took, we couldn’t believe what our eyes were seeing…!! A pair of big fat barrels!! We already knew the overweight problem we had (indeed Ana (my girlfriend) didn’t want to play games in the swimming pool with the rest of her friends that summer so they couldn’t see her with the bikini on…), but when we saw that pictures we said: We have to do something now!! Our relation was also cooling down because we both were less attractive to each other. Ana didn’t want to go shopping, she couldn’t find nice cloths that suit her. We felt very miserable…

We start in to action but we didn’t know how to diet, so we went to visit the doctor, and he pointed us to a nutritionist. He gave us a diet we followed precisely. The result? Same weight. Ana started going from one nutritionist to the other, cause no one could fix her problem. I didn’t bother and I started doing some exercises and walking with Ana for an hour every day.

I was not losing weight but increasing it!! I was transforming fat in muscle, which is not bad, but I wanted to lose weight (I was getting bigger!!). Another doctor recommended Ana going to visit an endocrine specialist. He said Ana had some problem with the thyroid gland, so she started having hormone pills to fix it. Guess what? In a few months she gained 20 pounds more!! (This doctor is not active anymore… I wonder why…!) Conclusion: after trying different ways to lose weight, we still didn’t know how to lose fat effectively.

I started my meticulous research; we tried a few diet programs more with no luck until we finally found our key to success.

We couldn’t believe how well it worked with us; we started losing weight from the very next day!! We lose 5 pounds in 2 days and the first week we lost about 14 pounds. We were able to lose belly fat and we were slimming!! So if someone wonders how to lose weight in three weeks, this is it.

EVLUTION NUTRITION TRANS4ORM it’s easy to follow, without going hungry, but we had to stop eating “white food” (they call it like that)  which we like, such as pasta and pizza… this was a bit hard. We also had to start cooking a bit more (we didn’t cook before as we didn’t like to do it) and we don’t have much time. Anyway beside those two things, the diet meal plans work and by now we have lost nearly 50 pounds each!! (Ask our bed, 100 lbs less!!) We are very happy and our friends and family still can’t believe it.

So, a few changes worth it because it really works. After reaching our goal, we still doing some of the management recommendations we’ve learned as we found them healthy and make us feel much better. Now Ana’s mother (63) is following EVLUTION NUTRITION TRANS4ORM, and she has already lost 20 pounds!!

Believe me, we were just like you, we know how hard is being overweight and how difficult is finding the right solution to: “how to lose weight in three weeks”. I hope you find our story helpful and interesting.

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