Diabetes and its remedies

Diabetes and its remedies

Diabetes is a disease that in the absence of insulin in the blood completely or inability of the blood glucose level is higher than normally. Dayabesi deregulated various complex and severe symptoms may occur. Such as heart disease, kidney disease, brain disorders, paralysis, blindness, cancer, etc. legs. Statistics show that the country is at least 5% of adults have diabetes, and 10% of this number maharancale

How is diabetes?

Most of the bugs eat into glucose, which is the body in digesting amplifies. Pancreas (pancreatic), a gland produces a hormone called insulin, which is next to the stomach. Insulin helps glucose enter the cells inside. Our bodies are not made in sufficient quantities insulin; the body can not use insulin, the amount of glucose in the blood rises, and called diabetes.

Diabetes Type disagreement:

Type One diabetes – insulin diabetes depends on molaitasa or diabetes were age. Detected in 5 % -10 % of patients suffering from diabetes.

Type one diabetes – who had diabetes before insulin undeprnd on age’s diabetes. 90 % -95 % of diabetes cases patients such diseases.
Only women with diabetes during pregnancy. If it is not treated, then creates numerous problems for both mother and child. This problem is usually over 5% of the pregnant mothers. It gets better after many giving birth.

-Hereditary, except in the operation , a variety of bacteria and other ill diabetes medications may be.
Type -to- daibetes aging , fat loss, anyone in the family have diabetes , pregnancy have diabetes , glucose tolerance , the physical and ethnicity may be due.

Tie One daibetes not clear, however, autoimmune, genetic, and environment elements attract may be due.

Diabetes during pregnancy, diabetes anybody in the family is not quite. May be due to the fat. Patients with diabetes during pregnancy are very dangerous. 40% of these patients subsequently found out stastic.

Symptoms diabetes management:

– Frequent thirst
– More urine at night, urine and urine
– Dry mouth
– More hunger and stop
– Enough to feel weakness over Despite Meal
– The body dry.
– Not the easiest of any wounds
– Weight loss and found
– Sexual impotence

Diabetes detection:

Cheran detected Features :
Glucose levels in the empty stomach, 126 m g / liter is more deci. Test must be at least 8 hours on an empty stomach. Sangrehera blood glucose after a meal on an empty stomach two hours after the blood glucose levels of 75 Prams 11.1 minimal / liter will be higher.
The dire anytime, just 00 m g of glucose / liter over deci and symptoms of hyper glaisemiyara Boom. Haiparaglaisemiyaara symptoms than urine, excessive thirst, weight loss, etc. insoluble

Treatment of diabetes:

Tight 1 diabetes – the most appropriate treatment method, taking insulin injection, the amount of food intake and physical parisyama. Of course, with the amount of food and the daily work of isasulinera must be balanced. Regular blood sugar determining the level of treatment is also included

Type II- for the treatment of the right diet, physical parisyama, regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. This type of diabetes in the field. somehow eating medication, insulin, or is used in both process.

Diabetes attracted people diseased blood sugar (glucose) levels of control and will of course be consult doctor. He has also trained health worker it with hormonal diseases specialist and communicate will regularly.
Complex and serious symptoms of diabetes:

Emergency: The daibetes kitoesidosisa diabetes, lactic acid.

The problem: the chronic kidney disease of diabetes, heart disease, stroke or paralysis, blindness, legs, etc. cancer.

Used from diabetes medicine:

Entrants must will take before meals. Type disagreement sbaccha inasulinah dhirghatama effective at the fastest time of the gholate isasulina

Submitted oral ausadhasatamuha:

Baiguyanaidasa reflex, to be taken after meals
Salaphonaila urea glaiklojaida, glibenaklamaida etc.

Is it possible to cure diabetes with:

Diabetes is a disease of a lifetime. The disease can be treated with medicine. Complete control of the disease through the life of the constitutional apnea and Teal and severe symptoms can be avoided.


To reduce the amount of blood sugar were tablets or insulin. Tablets or insulin as a result of eating too much can reduce the amount of sugar that is less than .5 ml If litter is caused by the body’s response, saying it haipoglaisemiya

Construction signs hypoglycemia:

– Sick and begin to do something good
– Too hungry
– Book is dharaphara
– Too much sweating
– Book trembling
– Bharasasya lose
– Unusual to behavior
– Fainting

More severe loss of blood sugar levels can lead to the emergence of problems, such as coma, convulsions, permanent brain damage, irregular heart rate, etc.

Hypoglycemia causes:

– If more than tablets and insulin requirements
– Playing in the amount of food to eat, or very low eat or forgotten
– When you eat too late, after taking insulin
– Suddenly turns more exercise or physical exertion
– If vomiting after meals
– If sudden diarrhea

What should hypoglycemia:

Haipoglaisemiyara primary or early symptoms of the problem will soon be able to recognize the simple measures can be taken. So every diabetic patient should be kept at about daibetes idea. Regularly they should refrain from exercise and the need to carry the food for use in emergency situations.
However, if the patient is able to eat 6-8 spoons to glucose injection. Usually 30-50 ml of glucose ( 50 ml of 50% dextrose ) is given in a vein . If you can not face the food and the vein is not found, then the nose of glucose feeding tube can be proceeded. He or glucose feeding patient hypoglycemia symptoms gradually be reduced to a few minutes and complete knowledge of the patient comes to the filet.
Diabetes Patient method of regular monitoring and insulin:

Affected individuals with diabetes blood sugar levels regularly according to the advice of doctors to diagnose. Now strip the home blood glucose in the urine glucose is identified eyalabumina.
Insulin injection abdominal, upper arms, outer Thai and Butt said. Lambabhabe injected insulin needles are put on the skin and it is karamu uptake entered. If sirinaja old sterilize glass and plastic sirinja is used once. It without pen devices and pumps are used.

Diabetes Prevention:

Once-diabetes can prevent
– Regular exercise will make people aware of the importance of health education.
– To refrain from taking extra food should be healthy, normal weight.
– Refined carbohydrate foods, especially foods that can be controlled.
– Dietary fat, especially saturated fat (mostly animal fats) and eat less.
– After forty years of age has diabetes screening every six months will see.


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