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How to use Philosophy microdelivery peel

Hello today I am going to be talking you through something that I’ve incorporated into my skincare which has made a world of a difference and I really wanted to just quickly bring it over to you guys to show you a step by step

because as you can tell by the title, it’s something that most people feel uncomfortable about doing themselves or even going to a professional spa to get it done and that is base peels but I have discovered something new from philosophy that is the microbe delivery resurfacing peel.

It’s like a wonder product that honestly leaves you with baby soft skin that doesn’t burn doesn’t irritate your skin and then once I wipe it away it just reveals lovely, beautiful soft skin the philosophy microdelivery peel will absolutely help get rid of the dead skin exercise philosophy kindly sent me one of their cleansers to try it and oh my god so this is your three-in-one neck cleanser.

It is an absolute godsend and it’s multi-purpose, so this eliminates you needing a facial work or micellar water your cleanser and toner because all of this is all in one and you get a really good size.

in there so what I usually like to do with this product I like to apply a generous amount onto my hands warm it up and then just massage it directly into my face and then I’ll perhaps like adding a bit more water and then just really work it in I concentrate around my nose here a little bit as well.

Definitely you can use it on your eyes it doesn’t irritate my eyes it doesn’t make them feel itchy or saw what I found with the purity cleanser is that it literally glides on like I sell on to your skin it doesn’t firm up too much but just the right amount where you know that it’s actually working.

You just feel like that active ingredient really just like penetrating the makeup to remove it all laughs and it just looks so good and now the star of the shows it is the micro repealed.

This is a at home skin makeover and I just love what it does I can’t believe I’ve lost it so long without having an at-home peel and this comes in a two-stage process so stage one is this beautiful farm which smells like oranges and tangerines.

I hope solutely love this set and it is packed full of vitamin C which is definitely good for your skin and what really helps to polish your skin is that this has resurfacing crystals inside so it there’s no like plastic beads in there which I really hate using.

Just be quite gentle with it, I wouldn’t say you know scrub your face just gently Pat it, give it a little bit of a rub I concentrate on areas as well and where I know there’s a buildup of dirt and dead skin and grime and where I get the most blackheads.

Which is my chin around my nose area and just like above my brows on my forehead all you need to do is use this for once a week and a little really does go a long way and it should just take a teaspoon cybermat onto my hand.

Then put it onto my skin and so far once a week seriously has given my skin the chance to show its best form and really glow and just look really useful as well this helps as well if you are suffering from wrinkles if that’s something of a concern blackhead as well massively dramatically removes them over time obviously and helps to reduce the size of your pores.

After you’ve applied the first step, then you can go on to the second step this is the lactic acid activating gel so you just open it up to pour some drops into your hands again. I like to massage it a little bit into my in my fingertips just to activate the ingredients a little bit and then I work in with the first stage.

You will start to see that the scrub or the pure turn a different color cause more of a white we color and that’s how you know that it is working and your skin will start to feel warm.

I’m going to say tingly but you start to feel that warmth on your skin and that’s how you know that it’s working it’s lifting all the dirt or the grime and it’s really penetrating the skin underneath to really plump your skin. Make it look fuller so the wrinkles you know evened out a little bit and your pores as well it gets opened up and get all the dirt out and then with the cold water afterwards. it will shrink your pores and once that goal is worked into the face I like to just leave that on for two to three-minute.

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