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9 natural fat burners

Currently, one of the biggest public health problems is obesity. Many people around the world suffer from it, which causes all seek alternatives to help them lose weight.

One of the most popular resources is exercise, although food is also of crucial importance to achieve that goal. It is as well to take care of our health is something that is extremely important. So that you know, here we present 9 natural fat burners that are mostly in the food we eat every day.

9 natural fat burners that burn your fat and help to lose weight:

1. Green tea

Green tea
Green tea is one of the most popular fat burners.

Undoubtedly, this drink is one of the most popular fat burners now a days. Like black, green tea helps us control our weight by speeding up metabolism, reducing the ability to absorb dietary fat and speeding their elimination. On average, green tea burns between 35 and 43% more fat than other similar drinks.

2. Dairy products

Dairy products
Dairy products work as fat burners.

Thanks to the calcium, some dairy products inhibit the production of cortisol, a hormone that causes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. For example, skim milk quickly breaks down the fat, so many suggest to drink, it helps to lose 70% more weight than those who do not consume any kind of dairy product.

3. Citrus

Citrus is the best fat burners
Citrus is the best fat burners.

Foods with a high content of vitamin C speed up the metabolism, resulting in a greater amount of fat removed. In addition, citrus fruits are recommended for conditions such as anemia, colds or to control blood cholesterol.

4. Chiles

Chiles is one of fat burners.

Recent studies have shown that the capsaicin, a chemical compound found in this food helps reduce the amount of fat stays in the body. Also, high levels of vitamin C that have chilies accelerate metabolism, allowing you to burn fat faster.

5. Lecithin

soy Lecithin
Lecithin is fat burners which directly affects the metabolism of fats.

It is a type of lipid or fatty acid directly affects the metabolism of fats, causing these to burn faster. It also serves to memory, mood and appetite regulation. The products in which we find are tofu and soy.

6. Coffee

coffee as fat burners
Many people use coffee as fat burners.

The coffee is a thermogenic that helps remove fats from the acceleration of metabolism and burning calories. However, care must be taken when consuming because it increases blood pressure and promotes the emergence of other problems such as tachycardia.

7. Egg

hen egg
You can listed egg of your fat burners.

Daily eating two eggs for breakfast blocks fat absorption. On the other hand, the egg causes a feeling of fullness, which will prevent you eat frequently.

8. Red Meat

Red meat
Red meat is stimulated fat burners.

Red meat stimulates fat burning by proteins containing force our body to use fat stores for energy. This is because the L-carnitine and accelerate metabolism, also activates blood circulation.

9. Cold water

Cold water is always top on all fat burners
Cold water is always top on all fat burners.

Incredibly, some studies suggest that drinking cold water or ice helps accelerate the body metabolism, thus eliminating many more calories and fat. It is best to drink at least 500 ml of the cold water every day.

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