Secret Tricks of How to Improve Running Speed in 2 weeks

You have to know how to improve running speed because running more is not the only way to run faster. Even it’s not exactly the best way. In this case, the average runners do many other things to squeeze their additional performance out of the time. So if you intend to improve your running speed more then get ready. Here I will show you how you can improve running speed in 2 weeks.

How to Improve Running Speed in – Learn the Tricks

Okay, let’s get started-

Catch a Baseline

A professional running coach Mindy Solkin, founder of Running center, New York suggested about get a baseline. When you weighed and get your body fat measured that baseline will allow you to track your progress. This really works like MAGIC. With this intention, you’ll see your improvements and get over the emotional hurdle during the time you fall down.

Try To Run Easy (Warm Up)

Running a long time faster your body might break down. Instead of running harder if you follow an easy running, it will allow your body to adapt the demands of the endurance. Moreover, easy speed running is a vital element of your race day success. For example, if you stick with running 2 miles at an easy effort and add extra half mile in every week, then you can able hit 3 miles in a short way.

Select A Pace

There uses a Swedish word “Fartleks” which means speed play. Yeah, this is a secret reason the professionals follow to achieve their goal. Further, this is an alternative of jogging. In other words, the sprints will build up speed and endurance day by day. In this regard, you can try running a 5K as a trial. At the same way to know how to improve running speed 5k, you can follow these-

For 5K training, there are three distinct aspects. They are speed, race- specific fitness and endurance respectively. Here every single step is important to follow. In time, you won’t have to require a higher gear to hammer the last mile. By balancing all these three, you can ensure to feel powerful on a race day and accomplish your race goals.

Try To Run Consistently

It is advisable to run on a consistent basis to improve your running in a short period. For example, if you find the weather is not friendly to practice outside then you have to run indoors. In particular, treadmill running will help you in this case to maintain a consistent pace.

Running Hills

You should follow running hill sprints after an easy run 1-2 times per week. If you start with eight-second hill sprints and only three repetitions think about it. You can build 6-10 reps of 10-12 seconds over 3 or 5 weeks. With this intention, you should take at least a minute to walk down the hill. In the time between, catch your breath and prepare yourself for the next sprint. This will benefit a lot and work as a warm up for you.

I hope these tips will help you a lot to improve your running speed. In overall try to keep a note on how long you’re running and what you’re planning. Hope for the best!

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