Ways to stay safe when running at night or in the morning

Ways to stay safe when running at night or in the morning

For our busy schedules, many of us choose the evening or morning time for our daily running. But running at night or in the morning is not safe. So, if it is possible for you, you should try daylight run. You may see the news or hear the reports that someone has attacked joggers or hit by a vehicle. When you run on the road, you should learn how the accidents occur. If you have no option to run at daylight, you have to choose the time of early morning or evening. If you know the way to keep you safe, you can select these times.

Some ways to stay safe during running at early morning or night

I am here to showing you some possible ways to stay safe while running at early morning and night.

Tell someone that you are going for a run

When you go out for running in early hours of morning and evening, it is very important to let someone know that you are going outside and how much time you will run. Tell them how many kilometers you will run and which route you will use. If you do late for any reason, he/she will worry about you and take steps if you fall into any problems. Besides, you can write a note and keep it in the place from where anyone can get it easily.

Do not listen to music

When we run alone, we like to listen to music. But during the evening and at the morning hour, do not hear the music because you cannot hear the sounds of your surrounding properly. You also cannot see the clearly the things ahead. So, in this condition, you should use your ears to be conscious.

Carry a phone

It is an excellent idea to keep a cell phone with you during running in the dark hours. I am not telling you to send any picture, call or text to others during your run. But when you have a cell phone with you, you will feel safer. If you fall into a problem, you can call your known one or police or someone who can help you. Besides, when you have other works and need more times to come back, you can call your family because they can be worried about you.

Look both ways before crossing the road

Early morning is the time when the sun does not rise properly. The evening is the time when dark start to fall. So, at this time when you need to cross a road, you should look carefully both ways to see the cars.

Do not share your running on the social media

Do not post any personal thing and your daily workout routine and schedule on the social media. Do not have the routine that a person can memorize it. Do not let anyone know when you leave your home for a run. It is good for your safety reason.

Mix up the routes

If you use different roads, you may not be the expected target. Besides, do not run the same miles on the same route. Choose some easy roads. Find out the routes that are used by other runners. If the roads are a little busy in the evening or the early morning, it will be better for your safety.

Do not carry your staffs

Some people say that it is sometimes dangerous to carry any items in early hours of the morning. If you keep some precious things with you, you can be attacked by someone. If you feel that something is going to be happening, you should use the eye and other senses to protect yourself against it as soon as possible.

Use reflective gears

You should wear reflective gears on your dark run. It depends on where you will run and what is the running time. There are some cars on the road when you run early in the morning or in the evening. It is important to wear such gears that help you to make you visible to the drivers. It is essential for your safety.

Talk to other runners

Other runners of the same route can remember you when they see you running. So, during your run, say hi to them. It makes your face known to others. When you face any problem, they will come forward to help you.

Carry identification

It is better to carry a road ID. Wear it on your wrist. Make sure that people can see it properly. You can also include some information. Using Quotes are cute, but it will not help you to save you from danger.

Keep a light with you at night

You can use lighted vests or a headlamp. It will not help you to see the route properly, but also people can see you while driving. Go to the market and find out one from the tones of options. Choose the lightweight and brighter headlamp for you.

Find out a companion

Try to find out somebody who used to run every day at night or in the morning. If your friend has this habit, you can call him to run with you. Your pet can also be a good companion for your running. If you have a dog, go out with it. Avoid running alone in the low light.

Runner’s mace

You can carry pepper spray or runner’s mace. But it is conditional because there is a law to use these things. If you are a legal person to carry it, then take one of them with you. Fit it with your hand with a strap. Make sure that it is visible.

During running at night or in the morning, you should follow the tips above. Running alone is not safe. If you have a companion, all the risks reduce. But if you are alone, you should be very careful with your safety because keeping safe is main than all things.


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