What not to eat before running for better performance?

Before workout we think that we should take some highly rich foods that will boost our immune system. But some foods bring ruthless rather than wellness. So for this what not to eat before running you should know prior to take them. Most runners are conscious about progress of glycogen before running long distance. Most of them don’t know what they should take and which is suitable for buildup body. Wrong foods can bring hurt disturbance and stomach problem. For this you can follow the full article which help you most.

As food is the fuel of our energy. As a runner for better fuel I put better food as my body give better performance. We will know some better food which we should take before running after knowing the food which we should avoid.

Foods we should avoid before running

Among these foods high fiber foods which may create gastrointestinal pain or stomach problem have to avoid. Caffeine also make problems for some runners but who are used to coffee they can tolerate it. So let’s see the brief about these foods.

High fat foods: Bacon, cheese, fried foods, hamburgers and other foods which contain high fat digest sluggishly and create stomach pain during running. Though fat is an indispensable portion of a balanced diet, fatty foods beforehand a run are a not suitable. As fatty foods need more time to digest it creates uncomfortable during running. So avoid this in that time.

Foods that contain high fiber: You have to avoid high fiber foods like legumes, whole grain foods, vegetables and fruits. As though these are healthy foods you can take other days when you are free from long run. Rice bran, Corn bran, Oat bran, Wheat bran, Adzuki beans, and Black turtle soup beans, Blueberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries, Blackberries, and Whole Grains: Popcorn air popped, Millet, Rye flour, Wheat flour, Wheat berries etc. are high fiber foods.

Caffeine: Sometimes Coffee or other caffeinated drinks can cause gastrointestinal. So before running don’t drink caffeine related drinks or food.

White sugar: Carbohydrates are a worthy food before work out. But colorful and sugary foods: sweet are not ideal. White sugar is not highly caloric foods that cannot improve your performance. It can fall your blood sugar. You can eat quinoa or oatmeal that will bring good performance in your work out.

Protein bars: Most of the company who works for fitness they promote health benefits. But problem is that these protein bars contains refined sugar. So for this you can make your own protein bars. Before a long run you can take granola bars for increasing glycogen stores which will boost your running.

Foods contain spicy: Spicy foods can boost metabolism of human body. But matter of sorrow that it creates abdominal issues and heartburn during physical work out. It will not wise works to take spicy foods.

Lactose or dairy products:  Lactose can make your running incapacity. Dairy products like milk, cheese and a bowl of yogurts are source of lactose which bring stomach pain as they need more digestion time. To do better in your running you should not take lactose or dairy products.

As a runner you should follow the article what should not to eat before running to do better in your workout. You should take some foods that will bring you better performance. For this low fiber foods like grapes, tomatoes, olives. Refined carbs like white rice, pasta also good for this.

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