How Can I Avoid Headaches After Running?

Headaches after running is a common problem of runners now a day. If you face headaches problem should consult with physician. Sometimes poor form of running may cause headaches after running. How can I avoid headaches after running is the crucial questions to runners? For this you have to know the causes of headaches and then have to need essential treatment. After running, straining, lifting and sneezing, headache should not happen. Sometimes headaches may occur for muscular tension stemming.

You should take the headache issue seriously, otherwise it may create major problems. You can also consult with sports medicine professionals or physical therapist. Professionals can guide you the right form of running that will improve your exercise. So let’s see the causes of headaches after running and probable solution for this.

Causes of headache after running

There are two types of headache; primary and secondary. Primary headache may remain 5 minutes to two days. This is probably happening to the beginner level which is benign to you. Secondary headache reveals the symptoms of vomiting with vertigo, neck rigidity and nausea. If this problem, you face then talk to your doctor. You should not take caffeine before running. Take meal 30 minutes before workout and water.

Law blood sugar: If you fail to take suitable foods before 30 minutes of running which balance sugar in your blood, then headache problem arises.

Long distance run and dehydration: Running in a hot weather more than 1 hour causes electrolyte inequality. Dehydration creates headache by losing fluid that temporary shrink the brain.

Running in sunlight: If you run during heavy sunlight that trigger post headache. Excessive squinting creates tension to the neck and face like poor form of running. So try to run in the low sunlight like morning and afternoon.

Sometimes migraines victims feel the headache problem.

How to avoid headache after running?

Stay hydrated: This is most important to be hydrated. During running our body become sweating and face dehydrated problem. For this you should take sufficient water before and after workout. This is the main cause of headache.

Take long breath: Take a deep breath to reduce breathing problem along with headache. Take an adequately controlled breath.

Take enough magnesium: Riboflavin, magnesium has the quality to reduce headache problem. Magnesium deficiency trigger the headache problem. So take magnesium rich foods.

Blood sugar level: Before exercise try to drink orange juice and check that that will reduce your headache problem.

Use acupressure: Apply pressure to the web between your forefinger and thumb and message in a round movement. Recurrence it with another hand.

Relax your muscle which can reduce the muscle problem. Be sure to drink when you feel thirsty and remain hydrated.

Headache and neck pain is the major problem after running workout. Hope that the article will give you the some solution which help to understand the headache problem. But I recommend you that don’t take more stress during running and avoid long run if you face headache problem. Increase your running distance gradually; not at a time. “How can I avoid headaches after running” article give you the idea of removing headache problem. In a major case consult with your doctor if this is not enough for you. If you experience any other issues then share to our website.

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