3 Reasons: Why Running On My Treadmill Is Great For My Health!

Why Running On Treadmill Is Great

Throughout most of my life, I have always been involved in running. I really enjoy going for a quick jog or run in the morning on my treadmill to help my body loosen up for the day ahead. I might also do a quick run around the block if I am having a stressful day at work during lunch time, as it really helps me to get rid of the tension I am experiencing at that time due to stressful situations at work.

I always find doing a quick jog/run on a treadmill or outside in the fresh air (provided the weather is good), will help me through those demanding times. I get quite a few people asking me if there are any benefits for your health if you choose to run as a preferred way of exercising. So I wanted to express the top 3 reasons why running is good for you and how it benefits your health.

For the record, I mostly exercise on my treadmill as its convenient for me. Exercising by taking a walk or run outside is perfect also. Its simply a matter of increasing your heart rate and getting the body moving on a regular basis.

Confidence Boasting

One of my favorite benefits that I get out of running is the sort of confidence boast I feel after I complete a run. I always notice that my self-esteem increases, I feel a lot stronger and centered as a person. I always feel a sense of achievement after I complete my run and I am not the only person that talks about their self-esteem and self-confidence increasing when they complete a run. Confidence boasting is a huge plus for your overall health and well being.

Alleviating Stress

This is something I touched on earlier and I wanted to talk about it further. Exercising is a fantastic way to get rid of tension and stress that might be running ramped round your body. Of course, one of the easiest ways to exercise is to simply go for a run. Take a jog or run around the block a couple of times and you’ll notice about 10-15 minutes after the run that you don’t feel as stressed as you did before.

If you suffer from stress during your working hours, I would highly recommend that you test out of the idea of going for a run. Heck… running a family household can be very demanding at times and running is a great answer to getting your head clear and ease out the stress that incures within.

All you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes. There is no other equipment you need. Test this concept on yourself and I can almost guarantee that you will notice a positive difference.

Get More Energy

The last point I want to mention is about the increased energy I gain after running on my treadmill. There is no doubt, that in this modern demanding world we now live in, we often find ourselves low on energy levels. So guess what’s an excellent way of developing more energy when you are feeling low?? You guessed it…. “Running”.

Through my own experience, I notice that when I am actually tired and a little run down, I motivate myself to go and take a quick run around the block. Its not always easy as pie, but the first step is always going to be the hardest. However, by loosing up your muscles via a jog or a run and building up a sweat, you will feel more energetic when you have completed the run. Again, I would suggest that you try this yourself to test to see if it works on you. Whenever I recommend this to someone, they always notice their energy levels increasing as they complete the exercise. The result is higher energy levels and a better mood.

So to conclude, these are three of my favorite reasons why running is a positive thing to incorporate into your health plan. It doesn’t cost you anything to get setup initially other then a pair of running shoes. I use my treadmill at home as its convenient for me. I can get home from work, eat dinner, hangout for a while and exercise on my treadmill for 20 minutes before my day ends without leaving the comfort of my home.

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