Do It Yourself Treadmill Maintenance

Do It Yourself Treadmill Maintenance

In most cases, the life you will get out of any equipment depends on how you preserve and maintain it. Like other equipment and machines, treadmills need to be maintained regularly to provide you with optimal results with your treadmill workouts. If you want to use a good and functional treadmill for a number of years, you should consider these suggestions and tips on how to maintain your treadmill:

A clean surrounding area for the treadmill

One of the most effective ways to extend the life of your treadmill is to preserve the cleanliness of the treadmill’s area. Whether you are using it in your living room or in your bedroom, do not allow any dust or dirt to get in contact with the treadmill. Keep in mind that dust particles and dirt will cause blockage in your treadmill’s belts. If you notice any dirt and dust in your treadmill, make sure to wipe it out of your treadmill.

Clean it regularly

According to treadmill manufacturers, treadmills should be cleaned thoroughly at least once every other week. If you want to preserve the treadmill’s performance, make sure to wipe and clean it thoroughly using dry towels.

Lubricated belt

For smoother and more effective treadmill workouts, make sure to lubricate your treadmill’s belt on a regular basis. Squeaking and other unusual sounds produced by the treadmill are usually caused by a poorly lubricated belt. To ensure the treadmill’s excellent condition, make sure to preserve and maintain its belt lubrication.


To preserve your treadmill’s efficiency, inspect your treadmill after every workout. If there are any loose screws or bolts, make sure to tighten them up as needed.

Unplug it when it is not used

One of the most common problems in automatic treadmills is the computerized control board. Like other computerized systems, your treadmill’s computerized control board is subject to improper grounding and power surges. The most effective way to preserve your treadmill’s control board is to unplug it when it is not in use.

Rubber mat

If you have a treadmill at home, make sure to put a rubber mat under it. Not only will it protect your floor, but it prevents the treadmill from drawing and absorbing dust particles as well. If you want to extend your treadmill’s life, make sure to use rubber matting under the treadmill.

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