Treadmills and the Modern Singaporean Lifestyle

Treadmills and the Modern Singaporean Lifestyle

It’s no secret that Singaporeans are some of the hardest working and more stressed people in the world – we’re a nation fixated on the GDP and GNP; we’re always worried about the CPF and COEs; and we register at the ROM so we can get our HDBs. Our obsession earning money, getting things done quickly, and our preference for practicality is good, but sometimes this way of life can come at the expense of our health – Singaporeans getting fatter.

Work Hard, Play Hard. Exercise Hard?

The younger generation of executives and working professionals work hard, they also party hard. Their modern sentiments is one of quick results and instant gratification, and many of these young folks are not able or willing to find or make time for exercise, commonly citing reasons like their schedule being too packed, they’re too tired after work, or that it’s just inconvenient for them to head for the gym, for fitness classes, or even for a simple jog around the block near their home.

The treadmill is definitely not the solution for people who are resolute in their decision to vegetate after they get off from work, but for the rest, a treadmill is an equipment that will get them started on exercise. A treadmill at home provides a lot of convenience, it also provides privacy, and an incentive to work out.

Benefits of a Treadmill at Home

A treadmill at home is preferred over visits to the gym because for the latter, you’d have to lug a gym bag to work, or you’d have to return home for a change in clothing before heading out to the gym again – all these preparations can be time consuming. Also with regards to privacy, a good number of women prefer not to visit the gym because they want to work out in an environment where they won’t be disturbed –

Putting a treadmill in the home is a step in getting modern Singaporeans on the path to fitness and health. Most treadmills will easily fit in a HDB, and compared to many other gym equipment, the treadmill is one of the more portable exercise machines. A typical treadmill measures in at approximately 71 x 31 x 53 inches and weighs around 63kg, the machine can be easily installed in your living room, your balcony, or even your bedroom.

Keeping Fit and Healthy at Home

It’s important that you put in at least 10 to 20 minutes of exercise everyday, especially if you work in an office where you’re seated in front of your computer for extended periods of time – an average white collar executive spends 8 to 10 hours in the office, that’s a whole lot of physical inactivity, which can be adverse to one’s health, mood and well-being.

The best place to start exercising would be in the comfort of your own home, and if all you have is 10 to 20 minutes to spare for exercise, then a jog or a run on a treadmill would be the best and most effective fitness solution. A treadmill is a cardio machine, which means that it gets your heart rate up, it gets you perspiring, and it’s also the best way to burn fat. Jogging on the treadmill works on every muscle group in your body, unlike other cardio exercises like cycling.

A treadmill is a good investment in your health, it brings you the convenience of being able to exercise at home, while providing one of the best forms of cardio exercise – jogging and running. Modern Singaporeans leading a busy lifestyle should definitely consider putting a treadmill in their home, the benefits brought about by this machine would be quite significant!

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