5 Benefits of the Treadmill for Singaporean Ladies

Benefits of the Treadmill for Singaporean Ladies

Women in Singapore are modern, career oriented, and they don’t mind spending money on themselves to look better, feel better and live better. The following is a list of reasons why a treadmill at home would be a good complement to their lifestyle and mentality, and how the equipment is an investment that would benefit them in many more ways outside of their level of fitness.

1. Privacy

Having a treadmill at home allows women to exercise in private. Many women are hesitant about going to the gym by themselves because most of the gyms are populated by men, and sometimes they just want to exercise in a more comfortable environment where they’re not being ogled at.

2. No Waiting

Most working women will hit the gym after office hours, this also happens to be the peak hours for gyms, and if the gym is of a modest size, then chances are, you’re going to have to wait in line for someone to finish their run on the treadmill before you’re able to get on. If the treadmill has been used by many people before you, chances are, the handrail is going to be all sticky with perspiration.

3. Convenience

The modern Singaporean woman spends most of her time in the office, working 9 – 6pm daily, and after she leaves for the day, she might be too tired to head back out for the gym or a jog around the neighborhood. Her favorite TV shows also start around 7 to 9pm, and sometimes, zoning out to drama or reality TV seems like a more appealing option. Many people place their treadmill in the living room so that while they’re watching an episode of ‘Ninja Warrior’, they’re simultaneously working out and losing weight.

4. Sharing with Family Members

A treadmill in the home is usually shared amongst all members in the family; we recommend that the treadmill be placed in a common area, like the living room, where everyone would be able to use it; in this way, the cost of the treadmill is greatly lessened because the benefits brought about by the equipment is shared amongst loved ones. However, should the lady choose to have the treadmill to herself, she could easily fit the equipment in her bedroom.

5. Great for Training

One of the bigger events in Singapore would be the marathons that are held annually. Every year, tens of thousands of women would join these long distance running races to test their stamina and endurance, both physical and mental.

When training for a marathon, the treadmill would be ideal, this is because unlike running on a track, the ladies would be able to determine the speed and time that they’d like to meet by setting it into their treadmills, this is not possible when they’re doing their training outdoors, where the level of control they have over how they train is not as high.

The treadmill is a good investment for Singaporean ladies, the exercise machine complements their busy lifestyles and their drive for success. Having a treadmill at home also means that a lady can work out in comfort and convenience.

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