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Should You Brush Your Teeth With Salt?

Not all home remedies for dental care are worth the trust. Some of them may harm your teeth and gums. The tissues in the mouth are delicate and the enamel is also sensitive, so you must never expose them to particles or materials not favourable to them. The same holds true with salt which is grainy in nature and not good for your teeth. Even if it contains key minerals like sodium, magnesium, chlorine, nickel, phosphorus, this does not make them helpful for oral health at all. Not all dentists recommend brushing the teeth with salt as this has some harms which you can avoid.

First, salt lacks fluoride which is easily the most essential mineral for dental health. The presence of this mineral is the reason why toothpaste is able to protect the teeth by removing plaque. Fluoride is also needed to fortify and strengthen the enamel which lays the foundation of a happy mouth. The toothpaste you use daily is responsible for repairing gum damage and strengthening the enamel. So, if you’re thinking of replacing the toothpaste with salt, how will you meet the needs of fluoride? This is something you must factor in before taking the call as it’s a matter of dental health.

Similarly, you should know that the tissues in the mouth are very sensitive in nature, so they are susceptible to abrasions. The grainy and hoarse nature of salt is never good for the gums and teeth as there will be risks of abrasions. With repeated use, there may be cuts on the gums and some damage to the soft tissues inside the mouth. Even if the salt is good at scrubbing away the food debris stuck between the teeth, it can never be a substitute to fluoride-containing toothpaste. And this is something you should always know for maintaining better dental health.

All that said, salt can still be good for your oral health and if you can still include it in daily oral care schedule should you use it only as a rinsing agent. Rather than brushing teeth with salt, use it as a rinse the mouth and treat common problems like cankers, sore throat, or abrasions. Even dentists recommend using the solution of salt and water to gurgle the mouth once or twice daily for 1-2 minutes to get rid of mouth pain and kill bacteria. The mix will work as a disinfectant and won’t allow bacteria to grow in the mouth.

You can clearly see how salt is not good for brushing the teeth but at the same time, it’s good for rinsing the mouth. Plus, your toothpaste is clinically proven to alleviate bacteria, freshen the breath and keep the teeth healthy and strong forever. The best thing about toothpaste is that they contain fluoride which your teeth always need to stay strong and healthy. You can visit the best dentist in Delhi to know more on this subject as this will help you give superior care to your teeth and gums always.

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