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5 Causes of Pelvic Pain in Women

In case a woman is experiencing pain below the belly button and above legs, it is called pelvic pain. This area includes a number of body parts such as ovaries, uterus (womb) and those related with excretion and bowel. For this reason, when a woman is having pelvic pain it is important to know when it is normal and when medical help should be sought.

Some kinds of pelvic pain associated with mensuration, ovulation, and contraception, abnormal bleeding and associated issues can be relieved by taking Meprate Tablet. However, there are several side effects of this tablet which should be given due consideration before administering it. The advice of a doctor can be taken for knowing more in this regard.

Reasons for Pelvic Pain in Women

Following can be the causes of pelvic pain in women:

  1. Mensuration cycle: One of the most common reasons for pelvic pain is mensuration cycle of the woman. The pain is mainly due to the contraction or tightening of uterus (or womb) muscles. The woman experiences cramp or heaviness in her pelvic region, abdomen or lower back. Anyhow, in case this pain is unbearable it can be a sign of something more serious like endometriosis.

In case the pain persists for more than two days of periods and is not cured even by taking medication, a gynecologist should be immediately consulted. The woman might take Meprate Tablet for getting relief.

  • Endometriosis: Endometriosis refers to a condition affecting the reproductive organs of a woman which is usually related to pelvic pain. It is the condition in which the cells quite similar to the cells lining the uterus (commonly called the endometrium) starts growing in different body parts like those related to bowel and excretion or ovaries.

Similar changes take place just as those in the uterus, but the blood has to no place to escape as in case of period blood, it starts accumulating in the body leading to pain and inflammation. Almost every three women out of four suffering from endometriosis, experience severe pain which can occur just before the menstruation cycle, during mensuration or after having sex. The pain is experienced in several regions like the pelvis, abdomen, lower back, or during excretion, bowel movements, passing gas or ovulating. One reliable tablet for treating Endometriosis is Meprate Tablet.

  • Adenomyosis: Adenomyosis is quite similar to endometriosis and is also associated with problematical cell growth. Unlike cell growth in parts of bowel or ovaries as in case of endometriosis, where the cells start growing in the uterus muscles walls. The symptoms are quite alike endometriosis and also include or heavy bleeding and pain during periods and pain during sex. The woman can get some relief by consuming Meprate Tablet.
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and painful bladder: One of the most common reasons for pelvic pain which is experienced by above 50% woman is UTI.  The pain is normally experienced while passing urine and includes burning sensation which may be accompanied by pain in the lower stomach region. Although it is one of the most commonly experienced reasons for the pelvic pain, yet a lack of proper treatment can lead to kidney infections. In case the symptoms of fever continues for more than 24 hours and also includes fever, back pain, nausea; a physician should be consulted.

One of the other reasons for a painful bladder is interstitial cystitis. Unlike UTI, there is an irritation but without infection. It is also called painful bladder syndrome and is normally experienced by the woman having endometriosis. In case the following symptoms are experienced, the woman should seek the advice of a doctor:

  • need to empty the bladder beyond eight to ten times in a day,
  • need to empty the bladder for more than one time during the night, experiencing pain when the bladder is full, which gets better on emptying,
  • painful sex,
  • the urgency of urinating.

The pain can be relieved by taking the medicines such as Meprate Tablet, so the advice of the gynecologist can be taken for knowing more about it. 

  • Vulval pain: Vulval pain is normally because of irritation and inflammation of the vulva which is very sensitive. Unlike common belief it is not due to candida (thrush). There can be several reasons for vulval irritation, and various ways for curing it. Pain can be cured by taking Meprate Tablet.

Vulvodynia refers to a condition with pain or burning sensation in the vulva without any particular reason. Pain can or cannot be triggered on touching and can be experienced in one particular area of the vulva or on the entire surface. It is a chronic condition which can continue for some months to several years. In case of some women the pain is so severe that the women find it difficult to use tampons or having sexual intercourse. Some women even find it difficult to sit during the periods. In such situations doctor should be immediately consulted.

Advice for Handling Persisting Pelvic Pain

The persistent pelvic pain can be a great source of nuisance, making it a hindrance in the day to day life. Following suggestions can help in handling pelvic pain:

  • In case the current doctor seems to be unsympathetic towards the situation, a second opinion should be sought. The pain can be due to several reasons and can affect various facets of life and health of the woman, hence, the treatment might require considering from a different angle.
  • The record of the symptoms should be maintained regularly and placed safely for future reference. It can help in getting medical advice by knowing the exact past history.
  • Only reliable sources should always be consulted for getting the medical advice. Although the internet is flooded with related materials but vague knowledge or misconceptions can spell a disaster. Hence, those supported by dependable studies and evidence should be referred.
  • Last but not the least; the woman should not consider herself as alone. Sometimes people around fail to understand the situation of the woman as pain is difficult to see. There are many people who can offer empathetic ears and can offer genuine advice. So the right guidance can be taken from the knowledgeable and experienced people. The medical practitioner can advise taking medicines like Meprate Tablet which can be helpful.
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