Just plain crazy?

This run was completely unsatisfying since I was screwing around with my garmin the whole time.  Someone’s gonna get an angry email soon and that someone is Garmin.

I took yesterday as a rest day and was pretty much in a crappy mood all day long.  I bet the two relate somehow…  Does anyone else notice that when you don’t exercise you seem to get in a bad mood easier?  No?  I’m just crazy?  Ok, moving on…


With my Costco box of chocolates to bring over.

Last night our neighbor had us over for dinner.  What’s really nice is that the commute isn’t too bad…  I can even spy on her from my office window.  I’m the self-appointed neighborhood patrol.

She made prime rib with mashed potatoes, salad, and bacon wrapped asparagus.  It was taaaaasty.


Let’s have some Cat lady Blogs!

Today’s lovely lady is Janae from HungryRunnerGirl.

Janae’s blog is one of my new favorites because I read it and go, And I thought I was weird.

I’m kidding.  Janae is a super fast marathoner and loves candy maybe as much as I do.  She’s so tiny that I keep wanting to send her some sweets so she won’t break in half, but then I inevitably end up eating them all myself.  It happens.  every time.

I started my blog because of a knee injury.  I had to take a break from running and had a ridiculous amount of free time on my hands.  So I decided I would fill my time by sharing with the world my weird habits, crazy thought processes and love for food and exercise.

I am back running and I am training for Boston.  I am hoping to set a PR and for a sub-3 hour marathon.   I also write about biking, spin (I am a spin instructor), more food, teaching stories, dropping way too much money at Costco, sugar, candy and my crazy adventures in Provo, Ut.

Stop by if you like pictures of food, talking about running and weird humor.

Mmmmmm, frosting.  What were we talking about?!  Oh yeah, everyone go check out the funny and fast Janae and give her some sugar or eat some, whatever.  Thanks Janae for the email!

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12 thoughts on “Just plain crazy?”

  1. I love Janae! She’s awesome and really funny! She seems like a totally sweet person tool. Love her blog!

  2. I also love Janae’s blog!!

    And I also get very restless on rest days. But this just started recently, as I’m just now getting into a serious workout regiment.

    I was starting to get depressed out here (I’m deployed), then I started working out very regularly, and now I’ve noticed my mood has improved so much. I love it!

  3. Yup. And, being a professional student, I find running helps me study/concentrate better.

    …which always brings me to obsessing over this delima around finals time (aka right now) run or keep studying; study or run; what’s the exam point trade-off sudying for the next 6 hours vs 5hrs+1running?

    AHHHHHH I waste more time fretting over this than the likely net losses of both choices combined.

    …and, yes, of course I still manage to work in time for some SR reading.

  4. Wahoo!! Thanks so much!! I am so crabby when I don’t work out. Your outfit is adorable and look who is the tiny one….Next time you go to Red Robin I want you to eat a huge bowl of french fries and 3 milkshakes please.

  5. love janae! She makes me laugh daily! And no you are not weird, I get in a bad mood all the time when I don’t work out. I try to go for a walk with pups/hubs instead. 🙂

  6. AHH Janae cracks me up. She reminds me of SR, but the good Christian version of you. Love you both, 100% though!

  7. rest day = bad mood for sure 🙂 and i already read janae’s blog 🙂

    i’m skinny too. send me treats so i don’t break in half? i never complain about sweets 🙂

  8. I agree with going crazy when I don’t workout. I didn’t workout last week to let my knee rest and I could tell a huge difference. I didn’t like myself! LOL. I worked out last night and I felt great.

  9. I love my rest days WHEN they are planned, but I get crabby if I plan a workout and I miss it for some unforeseen reason. Although that is pretty much the same for my whole life..everything is planned. I’m not one for spontaneity. Even fun and adventure is planned in advance 🙂

  10. you are not crazy
    I am a pain on rest day and lets not talk about 2 rest day in a row like last week…not good, my poor kids.
    Love Janae and thanks to her I found you now!

  11. Yes, Janae’s blog is one of my favs. She is contagious with her joy for life and running. I feel old when I read her blog but I am also reminded of myself at 24. She’s awesome! So glad you wrote about her. I can’t wait to see her smash her PR in Boston. And so glad to find your blog too Skinny Runner! 🙂

  12. Fashion question….

    Love, love, love your skinny jeans. What brand are they, where did you get them, and how much (if you don’t mind me asking that bit)?

    This outfit looks super cute and relaxed and then the shoes add a lovely pop of interest. Love it.

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